We must admit that after the holidays, returning to work can be a little difficult especially if your unquenchable thirst for a break is still not satisfied. Don't worry, even though returning to work isn't always straightforward, these tips won't fail in helping you to relax and have fun from the start.

Sports has time and again proven as an armoury to boredom and a method to break away from general stress. But there are so many sports to choose from. Which one do you think is ideal for you? One sport which is particularly recognised for its numerous physical and psychological benefits is Swimming.
Without further delay, let's see why millions of people have chosen swimming as a sport. 

  1. Swimming: A Daily Boost

It's not a secret that swimming is not only good for your mood but also for your body- physically and mentally!

For example (and of current interest), swimming is your best friend when it comes to losing those extra pounds that you may have put on during the holidays. As a general guide, an hour of swimming burns nearly 600 calories! What more can you ask for?

 “Big biceps, washboard abs, and a firm bottom!”

 I expected that. Along with being a calorie burner, swimming allows you to tone seamlessly. It is the ultimate all-around sport. Your upper and lower body will be exerted to guarantee elongated and firm muscles (the draining action of the water helps against cellulite. Firmness will be just a formality)!

Swimming and its benefits can also improve some of your physical capabilities and enable you to live a better daily life. In fact, as a true endurance sport, it can strengthen your heart and lungs, and develop your cardiovascular and lung capacity.

 It is also extremely effective for improving your blood circulation thanks to the combination of physical effort and the benefits of the water, so no more lack of energy, tiredness, and heavy legs!

 Finally, synchronisation is necessary to progress in this sport. Your brain should make the effort to separate the movements of your arms and legs as well as to coordinate them. With the need for brainpower, swimming plays a significant role in developing your sense of coordination.

 Maybe it also makes you more intelligent?!

  1. Swimming: A Sport Without Hassle
swimming a hassle fee sport

"It's raining", "I don't have time", "The equipment is too expensive", "It's cold" and all other excuses are inconceivable and unfounded if you have chosen swimming.

 In fact, one of the secondary advantages of this sport is its accessibility. Swimming is a sport that can be practiced at any time of the day, almost anywhere (pool, open water), and above all, by everyone (all genders, ages, physical conditions, etc.)! (Keeping in mind you have a partner to swim with!)

 Nowadays, it is rare to find a medium or large town without a communal swimming pool. And if your area, unfortunately, does not have access to a decent pool within a reasonable distance, open waters are probably available (lakes, the sea, etc.).

 Swimming pool timetables often run all year round, allowing you to choose when to take a dip: In the morning for a great way to wake you up before going to work, midday to have a break in the pool before returning to work or in the evening to brighten your spirit after a long day.

 Of course, if you have the choice of natural waters—aside from the weather—nothing can stop you whatever the time of the day!

 Finally, swimming gives you the opportunity to equip yourself well without burning a hole in your wallet. To your benefit, compared to other sports, the necessary equipment for swimming (Swimming goggles, swimming cap, swimwear) does not cost a lot.

If you have enough left over to splash out a bit more? A pull buoy and fins are a good bet!

What do you think? It's a great idea to give Swimming a go!

  1. Swimming: A Relaxing Effort
swimming helps to relax

 “A relaxing effort”? That does sound oxymoronic. But no! Swimming combines the soothing benefits of the water with the exertion of your body, which should adapt to the aquatic environment (flotation) and move forward despite the strong resistance.

Swimming has the benefit of not being harsh on your joints. Different from other sports, it seldom results in bumps and/or injuries.

 Furthermore, exercising in the water is an excellent way to relieve stress that has built up throughout a busy day of work. The feeling of weightlessness (buoyancy), the softness of the water and the underwater melodies give you a sense of freedom and well-being that is difficult to match once out of the water.

 These characteristics of swimming will encourage the release of feel-good hormones (endorphins) during your swimming sessions and afterward will bring about a healthy tiredness for optimal recovery.

There's nothing better about rediscovering your taste for exercise!

So get your swimming kit ready and dive into the water!

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