Since the arms are the most important limbs for propelling you forward when swimming, it is important to train them to gain muscle power and to get more enjoyment out of swimming. Today, Nabaiji has combined for you the best drills and arm equipment to offer you the most complete upper body workout possible. Technique, propulsion, we cover everything! Cap, goggles, dive in!

One-Hour Session

Warm-Up (20 Minutes)

Warm up for about 20 minutes to wake up your joints, muscles and heart rate. It is important to warm up before adding training equipment.

2 x 50 m crawl: 2 x 50 m (25 m single-arm crawl with kickboard / 25 m crawl with kickboard between legs)

TOTAL: 600 metres

Set (35 Minutes)

The exercises proposed here, with and without equipment, promote the awareness of catch in the waterand let you correct the movement so that the right technique then becomes automatic.

  • 2 x 200 m crawl (1. with paddles / 2. clenched-fist crawl
  • 2 x 200 m crawl (1. with paddles and pull buoy / 2. straight arm crawl)
  • 2 x 200 m crawl (1. with pull buoy / 2. catch-up crawl)
  • 2 x 200 m crawl (1. with pull buoy, paddles, band / 2. regular crawl)

Rest (5 Minutes)

Wind down by keeping moving so that the body reduces its effort little by little. Prioritise relaxing your muscles and focus on your swimming technique and feeling the glide.

200 metres crawl (50 m surface crawl / 50 m regular crawl)

Session Total: 2400 Metres

Give yourself a pat on the back! The workout is finally over! More than two kilometres in one hour, I tip my cap! If you want to get stuck into a more substantial workout, you can adapt it to your desires and/or needs.  

This kind of swim training focused on arm work is very effective for increasing power and improving your swimming technique. Try it, you will be proud of yourself!  

Finally, don’t forget to stretch and hydrate yourself to prevent muscle aches the next day. And don’t hesitate to take a cold shower to increase circulation and speed up recovery.


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