What's more annoying than losing track during a workout?

To avoid having to bother "counting lengths", Nabaiji can offer you a workout designed to be the least inconvenient as possible.

Here we are suggesting a pyramid workout. In addition to being extremely effective in improving your swimming, the typical organisation of a pyramid workout is very easy to remember and therefore to achieve without losing track.

Stretch your shoulders and get your cap and goggles at the ready, off we go!

A normal public pool is 20-25m in length so base your calculations on that.

Session 1H - 1H15M

Warm Up (15 Min)

Warm up for 15 minutes to wake up all of your joints and muscles and to gradually increase your heart rate.

Here the warm up is split into several parts to make it easier to remember and to lessen the chance of you losing track of your lengths.

8 x 50 metres with a pull kick (25m at a fast pace using your legs / 25m at normal pace using your arms)

Recovery of 15 seconds between each distance. Alternate a 50-metre crawl and a 50-metre backstroke(or breaststroke). 

Sets (45 Min)

The sets suggested here consist of alternating different intensities of swimming so that you can keep track of your workout more easily thanks to the differences in distances and paces.

100m crawl at a fast pace

200m crawl at a sustained pace

300m crawl at a normal pace

400m crawl at a gentle pace

300m crawl at a normal pace

200m crawl at a sustained pace

100m crawl at a fast pace

Recovery of 30 seconds between each distance and have a drink and stay hydrated.

Recovery (5 - 10 Min)

Here you will wind down by keeping moving so that the body reduces its effort little by little. Prioritise relaxing your muscles and focus on your swimming technique.

Recovery is also split into several parts to make it easier to remember and to lessen the chance of you losing track of your lengths.

100m legs with a kickboard (alternating 50m crawl and 50m backstroke)

100m arms with a pull buoy (alternating 50m crawl and 50m backstroke)

Session Total: 2,200 Metres

Give yourself a pat on the back! You have just crammed no less than two kilometres of swimming into just one hour! And all this without getting lost once? Not bad!

This kind of workout can be endlessly modified by changing strokes, paces, exercises and training equipment. Let your imagination run free!

Don’t forget to stretch and hydrate to prevent muscle aches the next day. Don’t hesitate to take a cold shower to increase circulation, speed up recovery and... Burn calories!

See you very soon for a new workout!


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