Cords, lanyards, slings… all these accessories have specific functions. Here are our tips on choosing the right model for you.

Cords, static ropes, lanyards and slings can be found in this category. The choice of one of these products depends on the use.


The cord used in rock climbing is static. The diameter of cord varies from 2 to 7 mm.

CORD IN 2 TO 5 MM Cord in smaller diameter are used for accessorisation CORD IN 6 AND 7 MM They are used to make autoblocking knots (Prussik or Machard/Klemheist knots), or link anchor points together (belay stance)


Static ropes are not made for climbing, but for uses that don't require rope stretching, such as abseiling or ascending a fixed rope; they are mainly used for caving, canyoning and rope access work.


A lanyard is made from a short length of heavy diameter dynamic rope with a sewn loop at each end. This equipment can be used to clip into a belay stance allowing a climber to attach him/herself to the rock face.

SIMPLE LANYARDS They come in a single length (75cm) DOUBLE ROPE LANYARDS They have 2 different sized length (45 and 75 cm)


Slings are used as loops to link anchor points together (belay stance), set up and extend a runner… They come in several length (60 cm, 120 cm and 175 cm). Some slings are made with polyamide and some others with Dyneema.

POLYAMIDE SLINGS  They are reasonable abrasion resistant. 15 to 20 mm wide, tubular slings are softer and hence easy to use. DYNEEMA SLINGS  Lighter and narrower, extremely resistant to abrasion, their melting point is lower than polyamide. CHECK OUR RANGE OF CORDS
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