There are several types of ice axes, with different shapes and different length. Here are our tips on choosing the right model for you.

You should choose an ice axe based on the type of climbing you do.

Glacier hiking

Glacier Hiking

You should take a straight and rather long (60 to 70 cm) ice axe as it will be used mainly as a walking stick. This kind of ice axe is designed for slopes under 30 degrees

technical mountaineering

Technical Mountaineering

 You should take a slightly curved ice axe in a smaller size than for glacier hiking (50 to 60 cm). This kind of all-around ice tool can be used as a walking stick as well as ice climbing axe.

ice climbing

Ice Climbing

You shoul take a shorter ice axe (50cm) with a very curved shaft and a very technical pick. This kind of ice axe can be used in slopes up to 90 degrees.


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