Single rope or double rope? Which diameter? Which length? There are many questions to answer before buying a climbing rope.

You should choose your rope based on intended use.

1. Indoor Climbing

2 colours to choose from to distinguish rope bundles

Larger diameter (10mm) with a reinforced sheath for intensive outdoor top roping use

Select rope length according to indoor wall's height and profile

2. Big Wall Climbing

Select rope length according to big wall's height and profile

Larger diameter ropes (10mm) last longer and are safer to use (better braking in the device). They are recommended for beginners. Smaller diameter ropes are lighter and more fluid, but they require higher skill level. Smallest diameter ropes should be used by expert climbers.

3. Multi Pitch Climbing, Mountaineering And Ice Climbing

Double ropes come in 2 colours for extra safety

Select rope length according to length of route and abseil

Double ropes are used for abseiling after climbing. 2 diameters exist. A thinner rope will be lighter but less durable and its use will require expert belaying technique.

4. Glacier Hiking

Select rope length according to the number of persons on the rope : 20m, 30m, 40m

A single very thin diameter for lower weight

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