Harness is one of the first purchases of a climber. It is not only a security equipment but also an essential comfort element to further the enjoyment of climbing.

You should choose your climbing harness based on 2 criteria: body shape and use

1. Body Shape

full body harness

It is recommended to use a full body harness.Indeed the centre of gravity of young children is higher than that of adults therefore the point of roping must be higher to avoid the risk of reversal.

harness that suit women's body shape

Some harnesses are specifically designed to suit the woman’s body shape.

small classic harness

You should choose a small classic harness with thigh adjustment.

harness for men and women

Most harnesses can be used by women as well as men and are available in several sizes. The size has to be chosen according to the climber’s waist size.

2. Usage

2 kinds of harness exist. The choice will depend on use and level of skill.

muti-purpose harness

FOR MULTI-PURPOSE USE (indoor, rock climbing, mountaineering)
You should take an adjustable harness that can be used year-round and with all types of clothing.

harness for experienced climbers

Harnesses with no thigh adjustment buckles are lighter and their padding is optimised for freedom of movement. They are designed for experienced climbers for whom every gram counts.

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