It's not easy choosing a physical activity when you've done no sport since high school. There, traumatised by your sports teacher (or maybe not), you swore to put sport behind you.

However, as you've got older, you've noticed that your lungs are ageing too, that those Sunday bike rides are becoming harder, or that since the baby came along… well, you get the idea. Maybe it's time to grab the bull by the horns? Don't worry:everything is going to be fine. You'll even be surprised by how much you enjoy sport. Yes, you heard me, enjoy it!

Which Sport Should you Choose As a Beginner? How do you avoid loosing your Motivation? It is better to start exercising at home or Join a Club? Here are few pointers

1. Sports for Free or Almost

No need to blow all your money when you start exercising. There are heaps and heaps of activities that you can do without breaking the bank. Our first example is fitness walking. It's the ultimate beginners' sport and is accessible to everyone. All you need is a good pair of shoes. It has numerous benefits : it tones your legs, and strengthens your abs, arm muscles and heart.

If you're feeling brave, you can go straight to running. Running regularly will reduce your risk of cardiovascular diseases and heart attacks. Running also has the advantage of getting you outdoors:sometimes it's nice to exercise in the fresh air, rather than in the gym. But we'll leave that decision to you! Whatever you choose, remember to work progressively, so that your body can get used to the new frequency and intensity.

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2. Sport at Home

We bet your apartment or house can become your favourite exercise space! There are many advantages of doing sport at home:no monthly payment, freedom to practice when you want, choosing your own music, proximity to the cake cupboard after working out.

Yoga, strength training, Pilates : the list of activities you can do at home is long, and will leave you spoilt for choice. You'll find lots of free classes and sessions on Domyos Live. Be careful to move correctly, so that you don't get injured. Remember: playing Fifa games on your console does NOT count as doing sport at home.

3. Easy Access/Easy Practice Sports

Doing sport doesn't necessarily mean investing in lots of equipment or paying a massive membership fee. Why not get on your bike and go for a long ride? You can also change your habits and cycle to work (if rental bikes are available in your town, that's a perfect way to start). You'll soon feel the benefits:an improved heart rate and circulation, toned legs, better balance… And you'll hardly know you're exercising!That sounds like a perfect sport for beginners, doesn't it?

Like cycling? Why not take it a little further, and try aquabiking? Fun and fashionable, this activity on an underwater exercise bike in a swimming pool is great for the cardiovascular system, not to mention the legs : wave goodbye to that feeling of heavy legs! And all this is almost effortless, because of the water resistance.

If cycling is too much for you, you can always try swimming instead. It is one of the best all-round workouts:you'll use your whole body without impact on the joints or back (water works its magic again!). And it's such a pleasure to raid the snack machine on the way out of the changing rooms, without a hint of guilt.

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4. Which Sports are Most Widespread?

With millions of members and thousands of clubs, football is undoubtedly one of the most popular sports. You're sure to find a pitch near you! As well as benefiting your body (working your cardiovascular system, muscles, balance and coordination), football is also a very sociable sport.Just look out for the post-match parties, which are much more dangerous to your health.

Fitness training is also very popular : there are now gyms on every street corner, particularly in medium to large towns and cities. You have to admit it: gyms have done a great job of adapting to customer needs : increasingly competitive pricing, conviviality on all levels, professional guidance, a wide choice of activities.

Now you have all you need for a successful start in your chosen activity. What appeals to you? If you need any advice, we're here to help.


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