Are you a volleyball player or a fan of the game? Are you looking for volleyball information for project work or any other purpose where you need to know everything about the game? Or are you planning to start playing this game as a fitness activity or leisurely activity? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, this is the article for you. In this article, we will be talking about volleyball game and sharing with you all the details that you might need about the same. We will look at the various aspects of the game and by the end of this article, you will have the answers to all your questions along with volleyball game information. 


Do you know that when exploring a game like volleyball, history of the game plays a major role in helping us define the rules, how the game is played, how the courts are and what equipment should be used? While we know that volleyball is a sport that is played between two teams divided by a net, there is so much more to the game that you can explore. In the following sections of this article, we will be sharing with you volleyball game information in detail to help you know more about the game. 

What Is The History Of The Volleyball Game?

Let us begin with the history of volleyball and then understand the other aspects of the game. The game of volleyball was invented in 1895 in Massachusetts. The inventor of the volleyball game, William G. Morgan, was then the physical director at YMCA. the game was created for businessmen to be played on an indoor volleyball court. Another interesting piece of information about volleyball game is that it became a part of the Olympics in 1964. In the further sections, we will look at how the history of volleyball shapes the other aspects of the game like the rules, courts and equipment. 

What Are The Rules Of Volleyball?

When discussing the rules of volleyball, history of the game plays a major role in defining most of these rules that have been written over the years. The following are the rules of the game and how you can score volleyball game points. 

  • There are 6 players in a team and 3 players are on the frontline while 3 are in the back row. 
  • The rally-point scoring system is used in this game where points are made on every serve. 
  • Players cannot hit the ball twice in succession. 
  • Hitting the ball on the boundary line is considered “in”.
  • The ball that touches the antenna, the cable or net outside the antenna, the pole or referee stand, ceiling above the non-playable area or the floor outside the court is considered “out”.
  • The ball coming in contact with any of the body parts of the players is legal in this game. 
  • Throwing, holding and catching the ball is illegal. 
  • Attacking or blocking a serve is illegal if done from or inside the 10-foot line. 
  • The front court players can change positions at the net after the service is done. 
  • Each match is made up of sets.  The number of sets depends upon the level of the game. 

Knowing the rules is important when gathering volleyball game information. In the following sections, we will talk about the other aspects of this game. 

What Are The Objectives Of The Volleyball Game?

In the previous section, we have looked at how to play volleyball, but what is the objective of this game? The objective of the game of volleyball is to win the match by ensuring that the ball hits the court of the opponent and saving the ball from hitting your court. 

Volleyball Court Dimensions

The Volleyball court dimensions also play a major role in the game and matches take place on indoor and outdoor courts which have the dimensions defined in this section. The length and width of the court are 18 m and 9 m respectively and this court is divided in two by a net which is 1 m wide and approximately 8 m high. The lines and zones of the court include the centre line, the attack lines, the serving area and the substitution zone. 

Player Positions

The court description is an important part of volleyball information for project work or research or just for knowing the game well. Another important aspect of the game is the positioning of the players. There are 6 players on both teams. Of these, three players are positioned on the front court while the other three are positioned on the back court. The positions of the players are setter, middle blocker, outside hitter, weakside hitter and liberos. 

Common Strategies For Scoring Points

Let us now talk about scoring volleyball game points. While scoring and the pointer system have been mentioned in the previous section, we will be talking about the strategies to score points in this section. The following are some of the ways you and your team can score points while very much following the volleyball rules and regulations:

  • The aim is to make the ball difficult for the opponent team to return and one of the good ways of doing so is by serving the ball such that it is hard for the opponent team to return it. 
  • You can utilise the front court players to jump at the net to hit the ball which is also known as attacking in volleyball terms. 
  • Blocking is another move that the front court players can try by reaching above the net to block the ball coming towards them. 
  • Your team will get 3 hits before the ball has to be returned over the net. A good strategy is to make the 3rd hit harder for your opponent to play. 

Ace Every Match With The Best Volleyball Ball

Whether you need volleyball information for project work or as a player or just to know more, we are covering all aspects of the game for you. So here is a list of the best volleyball balls that you can buy online or in0store from Decathlon for your practice and your matches. 

1. Volleyball Indoor Ball V500- White/Blue/Red

To begin with, we have the Volleyball Indoor Ball V500 from Decathlon. This is a tri-colour ball which is designed for intermediate players who have mastered the skills and the technicalities of the game. So if you know how to play volleyball, this is the ball for you. The ball is best suited for indoor matches and practice. The ball has an outer synthetic coating for a pleasant feel and it weighs between 260 g to 280 g. There is a warranty of 2 years offered on this ball that is priced at Rs. 1,299. 

2. Volleyball Outdoor Ball VBO100- Yellow/Blue

If you are looking for a volleyball to play on an outdoor volleyball court, then this item on our list is the option for you to choose. Designed for beginners, this ball is good for when you are learning the volleyball rules and regulations while picking up the basic skills of the game. This ball designed for outdoor matches and practices is available for Rs. 999 on Decathlon. The weight of this volleyball game ball is between 260 g to 280 g. A warranty of 2 years is offered on this ball. 

3. Size 5 Stitched Beach Volleyball 100 Classic- Turtle Green

When we look at the volleyball game information, we find out that beach volleyball is a version of the game that is also played across the world. The volleyball rules and regulations are different here and the ball for this variant of the game is slightly different. What we have next on our list is a beach volleyball ball. This ball has been designed for recreational beach games with friends and family. The feel of this volleyball is soft and comfortable to ensure better grip and the ball also prevents water absorption up to 15%. The price of this ball on Decathlon is Rs. 4,99 and the warranty offered is 2 years. 

4. Volleyball Indoor Ball V100- Turquoise Blue

If we look at the history of volleyball, we find out that the game was originally meant to be played indoors. The next product on our list is an indoor volleyball ball which is the Volleyball Indoor Ball V100. This turquoise blue ball has been designed for beginners who are learning new skills and practising the game. The synthetic outer material offers a pleasant grip and feel. The price of this ball on Decathlon is Rs. 699 and the warranty offered is 2 years. 

5. Volleyball V900- White/Red

Next on our list of the best balls for the volleyball game is a ball that is FIVB-approved. The Volleyball V900 is designed for pro matches and intense practice. If you know how to play volleyball and are an expert, this is the ball for you to choose for your matches and practices. The weight, bounce and grip of the ball comply with official standards. Available online and in-store at Decathlon for Rs. 1,999, this ball offers a warranty of 2 years. 

6. VB 100 Blue/Yellow

Last on our list is the VB100 which is suitable for all types of players of volleyball. Knowing the ball is an important part of having the right information about volleyball game. This ball is made of PU which makes it easier on the arms. The ball has a warranty of 2 years and is priced at Rs. 599 at Decathlon. 


Volleyball is a good game for staying in shape and staying fit. The game is an overall workout for the players. As we conclude this article about the volleyball game, we hope that it has been beneficial for all the players, enthusiasts and people who wish to start playing the game. In this article, we have looked at a wide range of topics related to volleyball like the history of the game, volleyball game points, rules and regulations, volleyball court and so on. We have also looked at the best volleyballs that you can choose for your game and hope that this article will have helped you learn more about this sport. 


For all our readers who are volleyball game enthusiasts, we have answered some of the frequently asked questions related to the game and all other aspects of the same. 

1. What ball do pro volleyball players use?

One of the most important information about the volleyball game is the ball used by the pro players in major international events. The ball used is the Mikasa MVA200.

2. What are 3 important facts about volleyball?

Like every other game, volleyball too has a list of interesting facts. When we look at volleyball, history of the game presents us with many such facts. The following are 3 interesting facts about the game:

  • Volleyball was an indoor game initially. 
  • The first ball specially designed for the game of volleyball was designed in 1900.
  • The original name of this game was mintonette.

3. Who is the founder of volleyball?

The volleyball game was invented by William G. Morgan in 1895.

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