What a sunny day, perfect to hang out with friends or go on a date, or the beach or shopping, but sometimes we have to pay a heavy price for such fun.

Do you know ozone hole, i.e., a human-caused hole in the ozone layer, causes harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays to reach us? 

It not only causes a rise in environmental temperature but also harms us.

Heat prostration refers to the condition where your body fails to cool itself and overheats due to extreme weather and other conditions.

Do you have continues heartburn and acidity? Or a sensation of heat in palms and feet? Then it’s time to lend an ear to the whispers of your body. This might be the symptoms of excessive body heat, also referred as heat stress. Let’s dive into some tips on how to reduce body heat, its causes and effects.

Here we'll find out:

  1. Heating temperature of the body 
  2. Symptoms of body heating
  3. Causes of body heating
  4. Effects of high body heat
  5. How to reduce body heat

What is the Heating Temperature of the Body?

Normal human body temperature is 98.6-degree Fahrenheit or 37 degrees Celsius. Temperature below 98.6'F is considered as cooling temperature, i.e., 97'F or 96'F or temperature above 98.6'F is considered as heating temperature, i.e., 100'F or 101'F. In such cases, you may also experience heat exhaustion symptoms

What are the Symptoms of Body Heating?

  • HYPERHIDROSIS or excessive sweating is when you sweat more than you regularly due to local/neighboring temperature or activity level or stress.
  • Hypotension or Low blood pressure is when you feel fainting or falling most likely to occur in adults.
  • Dehydration or drying out is when you sense dry mouth, lips, or scarceness.
  • Charley horse or muscle cramps is when you feel tired.
  • Light-headed or dizziness is when you feel weak to knees or unsteady that the surroundings are spinning or moving around.
  • Feeling Puckish or nauseous is when you feel like throwing up but could also signify a gastric issue.
  • Clammy skin or sweaty skin is when you feel pale or cold.
  • Anxiety triggers stress hormones.
  • Tanning when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun.

What are the causes of High body Heat?

Heat can indeed trigger anxiety due to an increase in hot temperature that leads to an increase in stress level as a symptom of anxiety. If you are worried about anxiety, that worry can compound problematic anxiety. Blood pressure is lower in summer because low temperatures cause blood vessels to narrow, which increases blood pressure. When heat causes blood vessels to expand, body fluid moves into legs by gravity, resulting in fainting. Tanning due to UV rays also causes genetic damage to cells on the outermost layer of the skin. The skin tries to prevent it by producing melanin that results in darkening. The causes of excessive sweating are heavy workouts, high-temperature or fast running; these sweating are totally harmless. Feeling puckish or nauseous is due to dehydration. When we are out in the open, we sweat a lot; this causes a water deficiency in our bodies.

Let's have a look at the causes one by one:

  1. Dehydration

One among the natural cause of body heat. When your body doesn’t have sufficient water to cool down and to improve metabolism, it acts as dry desert, increasing your body heat.

  1. Overexertion in hot weather

Weather is natural cause of body heat. When your body is overtly exposed to hot weather, it naturally cannot cool by itself and that’s obvious.

  1. Sun or Bushfire exposure

When you are burning out down constantly under the hot sun, it increases your heat stress, thereby leading to several illnesses.

  1. Hyperthyroidism

The medical condition of having a thyroid disorder. Your body produces excess of thyroid hormones reducing its capacity to cool down by itself. Thyroid increases fat deposition too, which boosts up your heat stress!

  1. Health Vs Style

Tight fit leggings or clothes are always on trending fashion, but your craze for style at times effects your health. Regular use of tight fit clothes or synthetic clothing traps the moisture within, restraining your body to cool down, leading to heat stress. Its ok to be on style and wear what you love, but health is something that you should never compromise for.

  1. Caffeine / Alcohol

Over intake of caffeine and alcohol can be deadly when mixed together. It increases your blood pressure and heart rate. When there is no enough circulation our body heats up and sweats off tirelessly. Thus to reduce your body heat it is indispensable to put a measure on your intakes.

 What effects the high body heat?

 High body heat may sound normal, but has dreadful effects on our health and body.

  • Unpleasant symptoms

Before jumping to major effects, it is better to look at some of the common symptoms of heat stress, which includes,

    - Stomach ulcers

    - Heat cramps

    - Skin rashes

  • Irritated mood on

Increased body heat causes, excessive sweating, this can easily change your mood from good to bad in a minute. Increased irritability is one among the worst effect of increased body heat. It’s not good when your mood is always off, so open your senses and be alert on the how to reduce body heat.

  • Sleeplessness

Now that’s a dreadful thought. Sleep is as much as important and dearest for most of us like food! Not allowing your body to cool down will certainly lead you to sleepless nights. Which in turn effects all your healthy routines of the day.

  • Loss of concentration

When your body is heated up, your head heats up simultaneously. Productivity is zero when your head is heated up like the molten lava, the concentration level with which you used to work, will never remain the same once its boiled up. It is important to maintain a balanced temperature, to enhance your creative and productive senses.

  • Cease to be the Iron man

Yes! When you have high body heat, your strength reduces and you are never the Hulk or the Wonder Women you used to be anymore. The changes in the blood flow rate in your body creates additional demands, but you are unable to do heavy works or add more to your schedule because of the excessive body heating.

  • Severe illness

This heat stress makes our body vulnerable to number of illness which can be serious if not treated properly. Heat Syncope and Heat Stroke are two major illness caused by excessive heating of the body.

How to Reduce Body Heat Quickly and Get Relief

Getting a glimpse of the causes and effects of high body heat might have triggered the fear deep inside you related to your health. So it’s cardinal to know how to reduce body heat immediately. Let’s dive into few tips to reduce body heat. Listed below are 10 fruitful tips on how to reduce your body heat naturally. This includes few home remedies for body heat for making your paths easy.

  1. Coconut water

The tender, tasty, juicy coconut water does magic to your body. This is an ideal answer for your question on how to reduce your body heat. It hydrates your body and balances the temperature producing electrolytes naturally.

  1. Wear loose dress
loose clothes

It’s true that tight fit clothes trap up the moisture in your body. So shift to the new cool dress code in style. Wear a loose summer top and flaunt it in classy with a light-colored natural fabric. Its scientifically proven that natural fabrics like cotton, linen etc. reduces the high heat of your body naturally.

  1. Buttermilk

The inevitable member of our home during summer, is one among the best home remedy to reduce body heat. This healthy drink contains essential probiotic vitamins and minerals which maintain the cooling of our body even in excess heat.

  1. Sitali breathe
yoga breathing exercise

This is a yoga breathing technique which naturally cools our body and mind. It helps us to relax down and cool setting apart the burden of our shoulders. It’s an easy prick to do.

  • First you have to be seated in a comfortable position.
  • Stick out your tongue and roll the outer edges in, (funny but effective)
  • Slowly inhale with your mouth
  • Exhale through your nose
  • Continue doing this at least for 5 minutes.

  1. Aloe vera

The natural cooling agent. Aloe Vera is the essential plant in every home that automatically cools down our body temperature. Its leaves and the gel inside does magic to our body! You can either consume it internally by adding the gel into water or use it externally on your skin and face. Both ways it cools down the high heat piled up inside you.

  1. Milk and honey
home remedies to reduce body heat

This natural home remedy to reduce body heat is simple and effective. Add a teaspoon of honey in to a glass of cold milk and see the change by yourself.

  1. Vitamin C rich foods to reduce body heat

Consuming foods which are high in Vitamin C boosts up your blood flow and metabolism. It’s a cure for internal and external heat of your body. Fruits like orange, strawberry, lemon etc. is tasty and healthy when consumed daily. Say bye to your caffeine drinks during summers and switch to a healthy habbit of fruity pulpy juices rich in vitamins.

  1. Grandma's drink
reduce body heat

It’s not officially named so, but you can literally call it as Grandma's drink because it is a healthy home drink which your grandma might force you to drink when you are sick. Add a teaspoon of turmeric powder and almond powder into a glass of fresh milk. Stir it well and gulp it up and see for yourself, how it reduces the body heat naturally keeping you fresh and healthy all day long. 

  1. Peach punch

Peach is known to be the natural heeler of your body heat. It contains Vitamin A and B2 Potassium which controls the body heat and maintains the balance naturally. Consume it directly adding to your salads or have a nice peach punch to hydrate yourself.

  1. Drink more water
hydrate the body

Last but not the least, hydrating your body with sufficient water is a forever tip to reduce your body heat naturally. The magic water does to your body is awestruck. Drinking cold water melts down the heat and keeps you fresh and alive throughout.

  1. Cold water baths

When you look out for home remedies to reduce body heat, the best solution you can possibly come across is a cold water bath! Indeed, the easiest way to reduce body heat is by taking cold water baths or heading out for a swim in cold water.

  1. Lowered physical activity

When people usually face problems like headache, cramping or  nausea due to elevated body temperatures, they tend to look out for expensive therapies to reduce body heat and generally tend to overlook the tips on how to reduce body heat naturally. When an individual sets out to understand ways on how to keep body cool, what one fails to understand is that exercises or heavy workouts can increase body temperature and cause sweating. By reducing such intensive exercises, it becomes easy to reduce body heat.

  1. Sandalwood

This is one of those Ayurvedic items that is easily available in households in the form of soaps or powders. Applying this onto the skin or rubbing it on the body on a daily basis is known to reduce body heat.

  1. Pomegranate Juice

The summer season along with all the heat and sweat, rashes and body odours brings with itself an important question, ‘ how to reduce body heat?’ Well, it is not that difficult to get an answer to this question, especially when the markets are flooded with the explosive ‘anar’ or the pomegranate. Fresh pomegranate juice is not only beneficial to boost immunity against several diseases and pathogens but also has cooling effects on the body.

  1. Mints

Mints or peppermints are not only used to attain temporary fresh cool breaths or as key ingredients in thirst quenching mocktails, but are also known to keep your body cool and regulate homeostatic temperatures

  1. Watermelons

Along with the mighty mango, another fruit that usually captures the summer market is the watermelon. Generally consuming watermelons that are known to contain upto 92% water, helps prevent dehydration and keep your body cool.

  1. Cucumbers

Cucumbers, which are not only widely used in salads but also used for soothing the eyes during intense facial treatments are known to contain 95% water in them. Thus, cucumbers help reduce the excess heat within the body.

  1. Zucchini

Another important vegetable which visually looks like the identical twin of cucumber, Zucchini also provides soothing effects to the body and is known to contain about 90-95% water.

Now you know how to reduce body heat, maintain your body temperature and be alive. It is more important for children, pregnant women and for people over 65 years to balance their body temperature than others. Sweat for good and keep yourselves cool, let your body melts you down.

Should I seek a doctor?

Excessive body heat is not a significant underlying disease; one should try upper remedies for the following symptoms. If you still don't feel well or symptoms worsen than before, you should seek a doctor. 


Body heating symptoms are not severe, and the above information can help them.

During summers, most of us feel such symptoms. By applying such remedies, one can nullify its effect.


1. What happens if body heat is too high?

Yes, body heat may cause several health issues and impact general functioning. Increased irritation, lack of focus, and sleepiness are likely to occur. You might get heat cramps, heatstroke, and hyperthermia.

2. Which is the fastest way to reduce a person's body temperature?

Drinking water is the greatest and quickest way to cool down. Try relaxing by having a cold bath.

3. What can I drink to get rid of body heat?

A glass of iced tea with lemon and honey not only refreshes the mind and quickly cools the body, but it also helps to reduce internal heat.

4. Why is my body releasing too much heat?

When your body absorbs or produces more heat than it can expel, hyperthermia results. The average body temperature of a person is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. The body should not be warmer than 99 or 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Usually, overexertion in hot, humid circumstances leads to hyperthermia.

5. How do you know if you have too much body heat?

Your body temperature can reach 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Heatstroke can result from heat exhaustion. Heat rash: If you perspire a lot in warm, muggy conditions, you might get a skin rash known as heat rash. It resembles a collection of tiny, red blisters or pimples.

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