Have you set aside Thursday lunchtimes for swimming, but you cancel every other session (OK, two in three)? Between work, family life and your various responsibilities, I imagine lots of you already have plenty to keep you busy 24 hours a day. But I've dug up few ideas that might help you give your muscles some work during the day.

1. Turn an Obligation Into an Opportunity !

Doctor Feltz, sports for health specialist, gave me a few tips that might help you get moving (again) in everyday life… "It's possible to turn all those things you have to do into a fitness regime,"  the doctor advises. "The idea is to see the 3 km between home and work as a chance for a fitness walk. If you're overweight, it's an invigorating walk that might even leave you breathless, helping you reach your 30 minutes of physical activity a day, as recommended by the World Health Organisation."

2. Electric Bikes : Practical and Enjoyable 

Everyday trips, which become a chance to walk or cycle, can therefore be seen as chances for physical activity, rather than everyday constraints. "Electric bikes are also a great way of taking up or resuming sport. The motorisation can be used at intervals, to help overweight people enjoy moderate but regular exercise,"  Doctor Feltz points out.

3. Everyone Off One Stop Early! 

"On your way home from work, because it's sometimes easier to do it at the end of the day than in the morning on your way in, consider getting off the bus one stop early and finishing your journey on foot," health trainer Joëlle Jolly suggests. Then, when you get home, it's also about choosing the stairs over the elevator. "The aim is to create habits or rituals to slot physical activity into your day. Once it becomes a habit, you stop needing motivation to get going. It will become part of how you organise your everyday life. You won't even think about it any more, but the pleasure and energy expenditure will still be there!

How about you?  What tips do you have that help you exercise in everyday life, sometimes without even thinking about it? Feel free to share them with us…

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