1. Two Sessions a Week, The Perfect pace to keep up your motivation!  

The ideal pace is to manage to fit two sessions of sport into your weekly schedule, whatever your sport, jogging, gym, swimming, hand ball or zumba.. Ideally, again, it's particularly healthy to combine two different activities : You'll work different muscle groups, you'll meet different people and the I-can't-be-bothered effect will be mitigated.. “I generally go for one indoor sport and one outdoor sport”, says Joëlle Jolly.  

2. Catching Up on a Missed Session Isn't So Hard  

“These two weekly sessions, which you can easily plan at different moments of the day, generally slide in well with day-to-day obligations”. And also, if there's a week when holidays or a cold stop you from going to the sports hall or the tennis court, it's not so bad. At the end of the day, you'll only have missed one session, and you won't struggle to get back into it.

“If you set the bar too high at the beginning and you then miss several sessions, you'll easily get discouraged and have the impression you've missed too many hours and that it'll be too hard to catch up”
, explains Joëlle Jolly.

3. Dive Into Your Agenda

I'd advise you to open your agenda and set up some likely periods to dedicate to sports sessions, and to try to give these priority when the time comes, treating them just like any other, “obligation”. To win time or set up new likely periods, you have to get creative; for instance doing the food shopping online instead of at the shop, asking your other half to look after the children one night a week, or replacing your lunch break with a swimming session, eating on the go …

4. Friends play a key role in motivating you to do sport  

The idea, therefore, is to be well organised. And also, to arrange to meet up with others. At the sports hall, at the start of a walking circuit, on the badminton court… This applies to all sports, whatever it is you're into.

“The group effect drives motivation. You say to yourself that your friends are expecting you. And suddenly, you really feel like going!”.  

What about you, have you got any tips? Don't hesitate to share them with us, we're very interested!


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