1. An Efficient Morning

  • BREAKFAST A good day starts with a good breakfast. Don't forget that you have been fasting since the night before; your energy reserves are at their lowest, you need to top them up. A balanced breakfast includes a hot drink, a cereal product (bread, cereal, etc.), a dairy product and a piece of fruit or fruit juice.  
  • SNACK In the course of the morning, you need to prepare your body for your lunchtime workout, which means you’ll need an 11 am snack. If you use up all your energy reserves, your workout will be less effective.  A cereal bar and a piece of fruit or even an ultra bar will provide you with the energy intake you need. For those wishing to lose weight, it’s an error to think you need to starve yourself to do so. This snack is crucial for you to get the most out of your workout.
breakfast before sports

2. Lunchlight and Restorative 

After working out your time is limited. Often times you have to eat fast, but that doesn't mean eating poorly. Keep in mind that skipping a meal is always bad for your body, and will leave you feeling tired and irritable. Your lunch should be light, which means low in fat but high in energy (carbohydrates) to compensate for all the energy you used. Examples of light lunches that are quick and easy to digest.

  • Quiche, salad
  • Yoghurt - Apple
  • Mixed salad (chicken breast, pasta, tomatoes, corn, cucumber...)
  • Yoghurt - Banana

3. Good Hydration

Keep hydrated

Hydration is very important in your diet. And it’s vital if you want to exercise during your lunch hour. Don't wait until you are thirsty to drink but instead drink regularly throughout the morning to prepare yourself for exercise and then drink throughout the afternoon to help yourself recover. 


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