Obesity has become a common problem today and even bigger problem is belly fat. Some common reasons that result in belly fat include overeating, consuming too much alcohol, physical inactivity, genetics, medications, etc. There are basically two types of belly fat which are visceral (surrounds around person's organs) and subcutaneous (sits under the skin). India is unfortunately home to the third-largest population of obese people behind China and the US. 

While cardio exercises for weight loss can prove beneficial, there are several other methods that are effective for weight loss. One such activity is the Zumba. Zumba is an effective method to kill belly fat. Let's understand in detail what Zumba is and how it works for your belly fat.

Zumba is an aerobic activity that combines Latin and international music with dance moves. Grooving to the music beat and losing weight surely sounds fun which makes Zumba so popular. This Latin inspired workout is considered as one of the popular group exercises classes in the world. Normally, if you join a Zumba class, you would notice that there is a group of individuals with you and one instructor. These high energy classes are set to upbeat music and feature choreographed dance numbers just like a dance party.

Most Zumba classes are around 60 minutes long that burns an average of 369 calories more than cardio kickboxing or step aerobics. These classes can also be geared to any fitness level. On the other hand, you can also perform Zumba from the comfort of your home. You just need good music and instructional videos to learn from, and you are good to go. 

To lose belly fat you definitely need to reduce some calories which you can do so by doing Zumba. The calories that you burn in a Zumba will also depend on your weight, age, gender, your intensity to move, the difficulty of the class, etc. According to a study, 19 healthy females between the ages of 18 and 22 who participated in Zumba class burned 9.5 calories per minute. Zumba will also help you burn your belly fat faster if you do it regularly.

The centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends doing Zumba 2.5 to 5 hours per week depending on the intensity. One of the top reasons for Zumba being popular is because it is fun, it works for your whole body, classes are for a shorter duration, and it involves learning new dance moves. As it works for your whole body, it helps to diminish the belly fat quickly.

Though Zumba is one of the fast and effective ways to burn belly fat, you should also consult your doctor once before joining these classes. If you've been inactive, have any medical issues, or take any medicines, it is important that you visit your doctor and find out whether a Zumba is suitable for you or not. Also, you should also talk to the Zumba instructor before class about your fitness level or health condition you have so that they can suggest you the modifications like the intensity of the class or a particular dance move.

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