1. How Can You Remove Toxins?

As we've said, the waste that builds up in our bodies is removed thanks to the urinary system, sweating and the respiratory system. To help this essential removal, it is recommended that you:  

  • Drink regularly to stimulate your kidneys and therefore regularly purify the urinary system
  • Activate the natural sweating process through activities such as using the sauna or the hammam. By remaining well hydrated, you also aid sweating which cleanses the body
  • Take time to breathe deeply to free up the lungs and allow them to remove waste
  • Follow a healthy diet and limit the amount of junk food you eat
  • Do a physical sporting activity to cleanse the body through sweat. Walking, running, cycling and body building are particularly recommended.

2. Muscles and Toxins

During exercise, the muscles produce natural waste that must be eliminated. This waste, called lactates, makes up part of the glucose processing chain in the muscles (glycolysis). Lactates, also called lactic acid, occur at the end of this chain, which is why they are considered waste products, but they are then used by many organs to produce energy.  

Therefore, contrary to popular belief, it isn't lactic acid that causes the aches and pains you feel after exercise. It is in fact muscle acidosis, a waste product secreted at the same time as lactates. Stretching your muscles allows you to remove this waste. It does this by improving blood flow in the muscles, aiding the removal of any toxins.

In short, the body naturally removes the waste it produces. However, we can do a few small things to help it cleanse itself.


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