1. Reasons for the Success of Zumba

It's a wave that's sweeping through the world of fitness: Zumba is continuing to win over and astonish those who try it!  

Several reasons explain its success:

Simplicity: Zumba is an accessible form of exercise open to all, with simply choreographed movements that are easy to do

The Latin atmosphere: we love to be carried away by music and the rhythmical beats of salsa, merengue, cumbia, samba, etc

The slimming effect: moving your body to the lively beats burns calories; up to 800 in an hour!

Enjoyment: in the party atmosphere, we aren't bothered about exerting ourselves

An all-round discipline: it uses your entire body, leaving nothing out!

Mobility: the basic movements and steps, once learnt, can be done anywhere

2. Zumba is Great For Your Health!

Zumba is great for your health

Zumba is the perfect activity for improving cardio fitness as well as toning, cleansing and building muscle in your body. It calls on your abdominal zone and lower limbs. It helps improve posture and slims your figure. And best of all, it's fun. Each session is spontaneous, brings something different and creates a real interaction between everyone. It moves away from the usual bundle of sports activities that make their participants repeat the same movements or sequences. You sway your hips and tone your body, all while in a party mood!

3. Multiply the Fun!

If you love doing new things and want to do Zumba in complete freedom to experience all those new feelings, try out the latest versions of Zumba to get yourself moving!

ZUMBA TONING! What is Zumba toning? Inspired by classic Zumba, to which it is strongly linked, Zumba toning accompanies the choreographed exercises with the use of accessories such as Toning sticks. It's perfect for Zumba experts and Latin dance enthusiasts wanting to discover a new sporting dimension and perfect their figures. In this type of Zumba, high energy body building and muscle strengthening exercises are incorporated into the dance! In turn, the arm muscles are called on with the use of light toning sticks. While following the beat, target zones are toned: arms, abs, thighs. 1 hour of fun to tone your body without even noticing you're exercising!

SHED THE POUNDS WITH ZUMBA SENTAO A new genre, this form of Zumba is done with the help of a chair. The programme is a gentle mix of a bubbly fitness party with lively choreography. The chair strengthens your balance and stabilises the muscles in your torso. It brings a new dimension to cardio training for even more effectiveness. You work with your body weight to increase your muscle strength and improve muscle definition and endurance. The result: you get your body moving and tone your figure. Stuck to your chair?

All-round and explosive, Zumba is a full workout that doesn't stop reinventing itself to offer you new ways of excelling yourself!To easily sculpt your dream figure and keep in shape, there's nothing like having a laugh with friends!


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