There are experiences in life that lead us to find the strength we thought we never had. To live in a body suffering from an injury, to not have the independence to carry on practicing the sport you've cultivated for years - these are some of the trials that lead you to seek that inner strength. For many who practice, yoga is that lifeline that helps them overcome these trials.

This is Puneeth's story. Yoga came to his life on a later stage. A lot of things happened in the life that led him to take up practice.

"Nobody ever teaches you to be mentally strong. From the time, we're in school, it's always been about competing, studies etc. But when it comes to mentally overcoming certain things, it's never taught!"

"I did not know anything apart from sports, by the time I had finished my 10th or 12th, I had already made up my mind, sports or nothing."

When I couldn't walk for years, I would pray every day just to be able to walk or even stand up. At this point, I didn't even wish that I could play anymore. I underwent 3 surgeries and the doctors told me, you'll never be able to play any sport ever in your life. That is the point I gave up completely. "

Today, I travel around the world to teach yoga to people and have taught it to professional footballers.

With sports, the way you look at things, at life changes. You only want to get better. That is the motto of sports. My life was changed through sport, through yoga, there is no limitation now.

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