sakshi gupta

Sakshi Gupta

Yoga Practitioner and Teacher

25-year-old Sakshi is from Delhi. She's done 1200 hours of training in total. 

I started practicing yoga 4 years ago and have been teaching for 3 years.


I started practicing yoga 4 years ago and have been teaching for 3 years

My Yoga journey started because I was tired of feeling stuck emotionally and mentally and wanted some change. Yoga is home to me. It's a hello to myself, every inhalation and exhalation is like check-in and every asana is a physical manifestation of all the amazing things my body is capable of.

I was neither strong nor flexible when I had started

I was your average girl who couldn't even touch her toes in a forward fold. My breathing was shallow and my mind worse than a scatterbrain puppy. But what yoga has taught me is this - practice and I am gaining a lot. Slowly, strength comes, flexibility comes, your breath expands and you find that connection between your mind, body, and breath. Sometimes you fall but you learn to get back up and reconnect.

All you need is to believe in yourself, have patience, and keep at it.

Whether it's an asana or life, you keep working with mindfulness with your purpose in mind and you will become so much more than you ever thought possible. 

My practice empowers me, helps me in being comfortable in my skin and love myself.

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 My aim in life is to help others find the joy that is yoga

I teach regular classes in Gurgaon and Delhi and am planning to lead wellness retreats in 2019. I am also working on online courses and classes so that I can reach as many people as possible. In personal practice, I have started training in ashtanga vinyasa after years of Hatha practice. I am looking forward to all the lessons coming my way. I was looking for a change, what I have found are love and freedom.


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