What Type of Yoga You Have the Most Experience Instructing?

I have been teaching classical Hatha yoga in the tradition of Sri Krishnamacharya. I also have an advanced level certificate in Power Yoga and my own style has evolved over the years by incorporating the best of the two.

How Important is Meditation to Your Yoga Practice?  

Meditation is the most important limb of Astanga Yoga of Patanjali. In fact, the main purpose of doing postures and breath control is to make the body and mind fit for Meditation. Meditation helps one reach the highest state of yoga.

How Do You Structure Your Days?

My day starts at 4 a.m with my self-practice for an hour. Then I head to my studio to conduct sessions starting at 5.30. I take 6-7 sessions during the day and it ends with the evening session at 6 at Decathlon Anubhava

How Do You Build Relationships With Your Students?  

The teacher-student relationship is based on trust. I take a genuine interest in the well-being of each student and adapt my teaching based on the capabilities and needs of each student. There is no one-size-fits-all. Each student is given individual attention and adjustments even in a group setting. I prepare a detailed course plan for each student based on where they are in terms of flexibility, strength, balance and breathing capacity and chalk out goal postures that will best work for them. I take regular feedback from the students and adapt to their requirements as appropriate. 

How Do You Manage Work, Family and Practice?

As an entrepreneur, I’m constantly on the move and often away from family. Apart from teaching yoga, one of the most important parts of my day is practicing music with my 9-year old daughter who is a trained classical singer. I’m her official tabla player.

Do You Follow a Diet?

I follow a strict vegetarian diet based on Ayurvedic principles.

Yoga diet - vegetarians

Yoga Classes With Sai Bhatt

At Decathlon Anubhava 

Let's practice this holistic approach to health and well-being together at Decathlon Anubhava Store with Yogi Sai Bhatt


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