Har Ki Dun is a delight for trekkers both in Summer and Winter. Enriched with a variety of flora and fauna, it offers a stunning view of snow-capped mountains, dominated by Mt. Swargarohini.

5 Reasons to do the Har Ki Doon Trek

1. Osla Village:

This village has a history of its own. The temple of Duryodhan is the biggest highlight of this place. The villagers to date treat him as a God. 

2. Campsites:

There are a lot of pretty campsites that make the trek a memorable one. The view of the sunrise is probably one of the most beautiful sunrises you'll ever see. You also get to pitch your tent by the river or in the middle of the valley and every night you end up seeing billions of stars. 

3. Flora and Fauna

The trek from Sankri to Osla have a variety of trees, animals, plants, etc. The Govind Wildlife sanctuary is on the way where you can spot a lot of animals like Parakeets, Vultures, etc. 

4. View of a wide range of Peaks and Ranges

On the way, we get to see different peaks such as Swargrohini, Black Peak and Jaundhar Glacier. This is one of the few treks where you can see such a wide range of peaks from the valley. 

5. Easy Trail

If you are a beginner Trekker then this choice of the trek is perfect for you to start as the trail while being easy gives you a first-hand experience of actual trekking for longer periods.  

5 Must-Carry Products for Har Ki Dun

1. Trekking shoes:

The trail on this trek is mostly rocky, hence one needs a shoe that has a very good traction and can also provide ankle support. Streams are very common on this trek hence waterproofness of a shoe should be very strong.

2. Down jacket:

The weather there is mostly sunny during the day but in the evening it gets cold. You need a down jacket that can go up to sub-zero with layering to keep yourself warm at night because in a valley after sunsets it gets cold. 

3. Waterproof gear

Whenever you go to a valley, there is a high chance you will experience rain. So it's always better to go prepared with waterproof gear to keep yourself dry and not having to stop to wait for the rain to subside. 

4. Trekking backpack

This is a 7-day long trek so you need a bag of 60-70 litres that is comfortable and with lots of compartments as you will have a lot of things to carry. 

5. Headlamp

On the last day, the trek starts very early so you need the headlamp to walk. In the valley, the sun sets very early so you need the headlamp for this purpose as well. 

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