The only way to know anything in life comes with involvement. I do trekking to imbibe life while experiencing it to the fullest and rising above my thought and emotions.

Being an Indian girl, it's always a question of intrigue to most people who keep asking why I do trekking and mountaineering. Does it bring lucrative financial benefits or does it helps me grow faster in my professional career? Then my sagacious mind can't help but wonder and I ask myself, "Ruchi, how do society and all the people around me consider this If I can't reap from it?" So when I further contemplate this and find an answer within me.

I just get one answer, that you don’t always need logical reasons for doing everything in your life. Do it because you want to and because it makes you happy. 

My Five Reasons to go Trekking:

1. Boost My Fitness:

As we know fitness becomes an important part of our lifestyle. Trekking improves my strength, stamina, and overall fitness. When crossed certain rugged terrain, it's important to have a level of physical endurance. Hence, trekking is a wonderful motivation for me to enhance my physical abilities.

2. Challenge Myself: 

Trekking gives a positive outlook toward the challenges in life. It can challenge me on multiple different levels and ways – physically, mentally, spiritually, financially and because of all this planning and goal settings that is required to be successful in my trek, it trains me to take on other challenges with the same attitude. 

3. Ego-lessness:  

Nature makes me feel alive and rejuvenated. For me, it’s like a meditation, but sometimes it can be dangerous. You get to witness a glimpse of ego-lessness when you're there in the mountains. I have personally experienced it when danger is close, the mind stops. The mind can only think when everything is spontaneous and in that spontaneity, you suddenly know that you are not the ego.

4. Detox:

 If you don’t live for anything, you’ll die for nothing.!!  I feel that our relationships, our careers, our wealth etc is an arrangement. An arrangement is made to enhance and facilitate our lives, not to restrict and destroy our lives. Furthermore, all arrangements are made with the hope and the  intention to enhance our life and not to entangle it. Trekking gives me a chance to detox myself, providing me the perfect opportunity to clean my mind and consider life in a new way. You even meet a few new friends on your trek and that can help you to think more clearly.

5. A Blissful Memory in Frames:

A trek can help you collect some stunning reminiscences that your walls will adore and will reside in your spirit. The traditional food and costumes of the people you meet in the Himalayas make the best memories apart from the adventures you seek.

If you have similar experiences from your trek, please share them in the comments below

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