For me, trekking is a life-changing process. It helped me understand how to connect my body, mind, and soul to nature. Getting through the challenges is what gets me going every time.

How and Why Did You Start Trekking?

A couple of years back I suffered a spine injury which forced me to be in bed for 3-4 months. Being a nature lover, it went against every bit of who I am. That's when I decided that life is too short and I needed to do something adventurous and challenging. And that's how trekking, hiking, and backpacking started out for me.

There was no looking back from there. I've conquered multiple Treks, Hikes and Backpacking trips. (I like to use the word conquered because I do look at these as achievements). Beas Kund Glacier, Shitidhar Kheerganga, Kasol (backpacking), Goa (backpacking), Ooty, (the Nilgiris in Tamil Nadu), camped in Hampi and backpacked + hiked through Wayanad in Kerela. I've also completed a basic Mountaineering course from ABVIMAS Manali in Himachal Pradesh.

Why did You Choose to Do The Beas Kund Glacier?

Beas Kund is the place where the mighty river Beas originates. The river starts and flows from the glaciers through the scenic meadows which are surrounded by mountains. From Beas Kund, we can see the Shitidhar, friendship peak, and the Hanuman Tibba.

We can easily spot the Dhauladhar and Pirpanjal Mountain Ranges with the help of Beas. On one side, there's the Pir Panjal Mountain Ranges and on the other side, there's the Dhauladhar Mountain Ranges. The Beas Kund trek is rich with flora and fauna. Beas Kund is also a favorite spot for shepherds so you can see the shepherds camp around with herds of sheep and watchdogs. You can feel and sense how pure the environment around is in its virgin self. The water is the purest as melts from the glaciers. These are reasons enough to choose to Trek Beas Kund.

What were Your Choice of Products for the Trek?

Valley in the mountains
Man with a snow landscape

Any Advise Before Attempting a Similar Trek or Even for Backpacking?

  • Do breathing exercises or yoga breathing which helps during uphill climbs.
  • Do weight training -  it helps to carry your backpack during the trek and also build endurance.
  • Stay hydrated - always.
  • Packing less will make the trek easier
  • No trace policy - respect nature and keep the sacred mountains clean always. Take back your things with you in empty bags.
Man trekking in forest
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