Do you like to go on adventures over the hills and far away for days or even weeks carrying only your backpack? The autonomy to manage your day as well as your night amidst nature?

If yes, then you're already a Trekker!

Discover what Trekking really is. What are the rules, the benefits and the different types of practice? 

What is Trekking?

A lot of times, we associate Trekking with Hiking but it's a little different. 

The word "trek" is an ancient Afrikaans word which means "migration." Today its usage is to describe the activity of hiking, walking in varied environments ranging from mountains to deserts to even urban places.

Trekking really means to leave your home for several days with your equipment on your back and sleep in a tent for shelter. You might wonder, why would someone do that?  What is the point of struggling to get all the way to the top of the mountain, carrying a heavy load?

We can share multiple testimonies and experiences of other people but you'll understand why only when you experience the freedom and feeling yourself.

Rules of Trekking

People trek to get away from the constraints of everyday life to find the rhythm of nature.

But to make the most of your expedition, you have to prepare it! Hiking several days or weeks with all your equipment on the back is not something that can be improvised. Follow the golden rules;

  • Take into account your physical condition in the development of your course: pay attention to the unevenness and the duration of your stages.
  • Plan if you have time to practice a few weekends before you leave. This ensures that your shoes do not hurt your feet, that you know how to mount your tent and that nothing is missing to do so etc ... And of course, you exercise! 

The golden rule of trekking: do not leave traces in your path.

Plan to leave with all your garbage (or even pick up those lying around the trails you are traveling).

Trekking - What are the Benefits?

When you're trekking, it's a moment of communion with nature. There's no other better way to de-stress and get rid of everyday worries. 

A Trek involves a lot of hiking and walking which is an endurance sport that solicits the whole body without weighing on the joints. (If your bag is very loaded, we strongly recommend you to opt for poles).

Is Trekking for you?

Man or woman, young or old, trekking is a sport for everyone! With that said, in Forclaz we've  identified different trekking practices:

The most classic form of trekking. Several days in the mountains with a tent or some other form of lodging

trekking in desert

Rejuvenation in the vast desert? Now that's a unique adventure. Imagine walking at the pace of camels for several days in majestic landscapes completely cut off from urban existences.

trekking the world

You travel the world on your foot. You're free, adventurous and always ready to discover new cultures, meet new people independently.

Equipment Necessary to Practice Trekking 

The equipment you need for trekking depends a lot on your level but also on the environment you choose, the weather conditions etc. You will need to adapt your equipment for your trek. Before going into the specifics, we'll tell you about the one common requirement of every trekker which is the durability of the equipment. Wherever you are, your equipment should never let go. At Forclaz, we chose to focus on the strength of products!

Mountain Trekking

Resistance is the keyword for this range!

mountain trekking


In addition to the durability of the products, the safety has been worked specifically for this range.

backpacking trekking

Desert Trekking

Aeration and complete resistance against the sand

Desert, mountain or world trip, we'll accompany you to the four corners of the world whatever your preference! Feel free to share with us your beautiful sports experiences.

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