Do you know how to take your sessions to a higher level?Try the DomyosStrap Training! What is it? An essential bodybuilding accessory to complete your training and strengthen the whole body, in depth.

Ready to test your strength?

1. Domyos Strap Training, What is it?

The Domyos Strap Training is a weight training accessory for performing pull-up exercises using straps, thereby working on your strength using the weight of the body.

The kit is made up of a strap, a fastening system, handles and ankle straps. The system can be attached to a door or outdoors, on a fixed bar.

So you can train at home or outdoors.

2. For Whom?

Good news, the Domyos Strap Training is for everyone.

Those with muscular arms as well as beginners can try out this training method.

The level of difficulty will depend on the postures and the incline of the body.

3. Why Give It a Go?

Because the Domyos Strap Training guarantees almost immediate effects!

After a few minutes of training, you already feel that all the muscles are working, without exception. It's a great way to complement your conventional bodybuilding workout and test your strength in a different way.

Weight training is very effective for building up your muscles progressively. You will carry out multiple exercises, without thinking too much about the effort. There are a vast number of possible postures – enough to create as many sessions as you want!

4. And The Benefits?

Suspension training exercises all the muscles in depth, including the abs that are systematically exercised in finding one's balance. It puts significant demands on the muscles of the torso, whatever the exercise. Using your body weight, you can adjust each position. This means that you can vary the intensity of the exercise and make it more and more difficult in order to improve. By exercising regularly, you will lose weight, improve your flexibility and improve your sense of balance.

You also exercise your breathing and strengthen your cardiovascular system, by completing sets of these exercises.

Finally, it is a great way to relieve back pain.


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