Domyos Strap Training, what is it? They are suspension straps with which you can perform body weight exercises such as the TRX.

Its benefits? Here they are!

  1. A Kit That Can Be Fastened Anywhere!

The Domyos Strap Training kit consists of a strap, a fastening system, the handles and ankle straps.

They are strong, user-friendly and can be installed wherever you want: at home or outdoors, on a door or to a fixed bar.

Carry it wherever you want in its practical storage bag.

  1. An Accessory For All

With the Domyos Strap Training.

The difficulty of the challenge depends essentially on the postures and the incline of your body. It's up to you to control the intensity of the effort by increasing or reducing the level of resistance.

You can create multiple movement options that are suited to beginners as well as high-level athletes.

  1. Dual Efficiency

Muscle strengthening exercises to complement conventional training methods.

They have a dual benefit: developing your functional strength and strengthening your cardiovascular system.

Conversely, if you slow down and control your movements, you will further develop your strength and muscle volume.

  1. A Global Workout

Domyos Strap Training allows you to build muscles by exercising your strength using the weight of your bod

Whatever the exercise, it greatly activates the muscles of the torso, especially the lower back and abs, which are continuously exercised as the body searches for balance (core strength is a fundamental aspect of exercises that use body weight).

By using just the weight of the body when exercising, the joints are preserved. You train without additional weights, which reduces the risk of injury!

  1. Better Muscle Balance

And gain flexibility, Regular Domyos Strap Training balances your muscle structure.

This is how you develop good muscle balance, better mobility and strengthen your joints.

You will have realised that, to keep your shape or lose weight, you will be well advised.


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