A skipping rope is an ultra-effective fitness accessory that can improve your endurance and lung capacity, help you tone up and keep you slim and trim.

But how do you choose the right one from all the different options?

The choice of a skipping rope is based on your training goals, based on how often and how intensely you train

1. Type of Training?

Choose domyos skipping rope

If you're just starting out training with a jump rope and only using it once or twice a week, opt for one with a low to moderate speed.  

For more regular training (two to four times weekly), choose a rope with good rotation (with bearings) for a moderate to rapid speed.  

For intense training (more than four times a week) and to add difficulty to your exercises, we suggest choosing a jump rope with weighted handles. This will allow you to do cardio and strength train at the same time.

2. Abrasion Resistance

abrasion resistance skipping rope

You should choose a skipping rope based on where you'll be using it. Depending on the floor surface, the degree of abrasion resistance will differ. This criteria is especially important when training outside to ensure your skipping rope won't collapse too quickly due to repeated friction.


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