Do you know how to boost your training to the next level? Try this: Domyos Strap Training!

Are you ready to test your strength?

1. What is Domyos Strap Training?

The Domyos Strap Training is a muscle building accessory that enables you to do pull-up exercises using straps, to do resistance work with your body weight.
The kit includes a strap, a fastening, handles and ankle straps.
The system enables it to be attached to a door or outside, to a bar. You can therefore train at home or in the open air.


2. For Whom?

Domyos strap training

 The good news is that Domyos Strap Training can be used by all. Trained athletes and beginners can try this exercise method. The level of difficulty depends on the posture and angle of the body.

3. Why Try it?

Because Domyos Strap Training guarantees almost instant effects! After a few minutes of training, you can already feel all your muscles working.

It is a good way to complete your usual muscle workout and test your strength in a different way. Muscle building using the weight of the body is a very efficient way to progressively strengthen muscles. 

You can increase the number of exercises without really thinking about the effort. The number of postures is huge, you can multiply sessions!

4. And the Benefits?

Strap training benefits

Suspension training deeply works all muscles, particularly the abs which are constantly worked when seeking to keep balance.

It uses upper body muscles for all exercises. Using your body weight, you can adjust each position. You can therefore vary the intensity and difficulty of the exercise to increase performance.

By practicing regularly, you will lose weight, increase your flexibility and improve your balance. You will also work on your breathing and strengthen your cardio-vascular system by training several exercises one after the other. Finally, it is an excellent way to reduce back pain.  


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