Fitness Trainer and Sports Nutritionist

Diksha is unstoppable, progressive and quite fearless when it comes to training and in every aspect of her life. 

She has been practicing strength training for more than 2 years. Recently, she won "Mrs. India Earth" at runner-up position and was also awarded the subtitle of “Mrs. Body Fit.” 

Even when you're consuming non-veg, the quantity of protein is very less. When you're into physical activities, you'll need all the protein you can get. Whey Proteins are a Class 1 supplement that provides this protein for your body.

Endurance athletes take 1.3 grams. Any normal sport-person also requires an intake of protein.

Whey proteins are usually between 21 to 25 grams per scoop. If you consume this, 1/3 of your consumption is done, since whey proteins are a very easy option when you compare it to a plethora of organic food that it compensates. One scoop at one go is a considerable amount to consume because your body cannot absorb more than 25 grams in one intake.

It's a muscle builder

Whey proteins help you to increase strength and stamina, gain muscle and lose significant amounts of body fat

Whey Proteins can be consumed both to gain and lose weight.

If you eat a calorie surplus, you're going to gradually gain weight. Eat a calorie deficit to lose weight. 

Whey Proteins can help you by giving a lot of protein for a very little amount of calories. This combined with your workout is likely to make you burn fat and lose muscles.

Rich in Calcium since it's made of milk.

Helps in increasing growth hormones 

To maximize the use of anabolic hormones and increase protein synthesis in the muscle, whey protein should be taken before and/or immediately after exercise.

Whey Proteins can be consumed by both Vegetarians as well as Non-Vegetarians.

Essential for anaerobic and aerobic activities.


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