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Athletes and bodybuilders swear by Whey Protein as the best supplement. And why not! It has got the best nutritional value and a huge range of health benefits.

I have been lifting weights for over 10years and Whey Protein has been my buddy since then. So, you can easily say it's my nutrition buddy. :)

What is Whey Protein?

Whey protein is made from the liquid that separates from milk during the cheese production process. This thin layer of liquid is called whey. The whey protein is then isolated from whey.

If you set the curd at home, you would have seen a thin watery layer that floats when the curd is done. That's whey.

The milk contains 2 types of protein : Whey (20%) and Casein (80%). Casein is the protein that settles with milk's fat portion. While whey protein is the more refined and concentrated form of protein containing minimal fat and carb.

Whey protein is very quickly consumed by the body which is why people prefer to take it immediately after workouts to meet their protein requirements.

Due to high-fat content of casein, it takes longer to get absorbed in the body. This doesn't mean that casein is a bad type of protein, rather it also plays an important role in muscle growth. Most of the bodybuilders take casein before going to the bed to ensure maximum recovery during sleep.

Benefits of Whey Protein in everyday life

  1. Whey Protein Helps Building Muscle Mass and Improving Strength

The best and most popular benefit of whey protein is to increase muscle mass and build strength. Athletes and bodybuilders primarily consume for improving their performance.

 How whey helps in gaining muscle mass:

  • The building block of muscles is amino acid and whey protein provides a complete profile of amino acids for muscle synthesis.
  • Whey protein is rich in Leucine amino acid which is one of the most essential amino acids for building muscles and preventing their breakdown. Leucine is found in the body and that's it's important to consume it from supplements like whey protein.
  • Due to fast absorption of whey, compared with other protein sources helps faster muscle repair post workout. This is the most important aspect of improving strength. For being consistent with workout and pushing yourself harder every day, it is a must to recover your body from fatigue as quickly as possible.

  1. Whey Protein is Controls Hunger, Resulting in Fat Loss

Whey protein is highly satiating and keeps you feeling full longer. Due to this, it saves one from hunger pangs and eating unhealthy snacks. Due to this, it has proven to help in weight and fat loss.

People have shown to consume overall fewer calories from food if they consume whey on a regular basis.

Whey protein shifts your calories requirement from high-carb and high-fat food to a lean protein source which helps in maintaining a balanced diet.

Whey protein is not only meant for people who do a heavy workout. It's advised for meeting daily protein need even for people with mild activity levels.

  1. Best Protein Source, especially for Vegetarians

Whey protein offers a complete profile of amino acids for muscle growth, and this is why it's ranked highest in protein supplements.

For vegetarians, whey protein is a boon. There are very few vegetarian foods that offer lean protein (high protein, low carb and low fat). For this reason, whey protein becomes highly important for them.

Apart from muscle strength and weight loss, whey protein has numerous health benefits. Whey protein reduces blood pressure, elevates insulin levels, provides antioxidants in the body.

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