The Greek messenger Philippides puts in all his energy to run to Athens to announce the victory against the Persians. But after about 40kms, he dies and leaves his mark with the word "marathon" which remains as the emblem of the running route.

We'll leave you in a few minutes so get those shoes ready!

1. Equipment Necessary to Run

Running is most often practiced outdoors and hence different temperatures have different effects. Equipment manufacturers have designed clothing that meets every season, situation and weather. The idle thing to do is to have a little bit of everything in your closet so you don't have to stop as soon as it gets a little colder or the rain shows its soft face.

A pair of running shoes is a must, without it you can not swallow the miles that give you so much freedom. If it's well-chosen ( considering your size, kick, stride, the right cushioning and comfort), it will accompany you to meet all the challenges set with yourself or your friends

Are you wondering if you need specific clothes for running? Yes, indeed you do! Some materials (cotton) are to be excluded because they retain the moisture of your perspiration. The diaper system will help you train with pleasure and comfort. What you require is a breathable layer 1 to keep your skin dry. Layer 2 offers insulation with fleece jacket-type clothing that avoids the cold and breathable layer 3 is usually a windbreaker which avoids the wind from entering your system in the cold.

Accessories (gloves, hats, chokers, socks), covering you well and having different roles (comfort, lightness and warmth) are just as important.

2. Where Can you Run?

The city streets, the countryside trails, pathways, the possibilities are quite extensive. You'll have to decide which part of town you'd like to paint red with your run.

The multiple terrain options will help you break the monotony which is quite often a runners complaint.

All you have to do is adapt your training to the field of your choice according to your personal availability. Try devoting your weekends to nature and exploring unknown trails. Want to discover more steep paths?  It is quite possible with adapted trail equipment (shoes with a different grip at the sole).

The important thing is to feel safe where you run, do not hesitate to notify one of your loved ones when you leave for your run. 

3. The Rules of Running

It's up to you to invent them! There really aren't any hard and fast rules for running as long as you respect certain things like following the course, wearing a reflective bib at night etc.

Otherwise, it's important to remember to follow your instincts and feelings. Listen to your body. Understand when you have to stop before fatigue takes over.

Running as an activity allows you to really go out and oxygenate yourself, set personal goals and get better week after week.

Competition and well-being are not incompatible as long as the pressure doesn't build. If you find yourself in such a situation, we recommend you go.

4. The Major Benefits of Running

If you're looking for self-transcendence with an activity, do not look any further and come run with us.

"Running" as an activity goes beyond the physical. It's a meditative act. One of the biggest benefits of running is that it offers you real individual as well as collective moments along with a feeling of well-being during or after the effort.

Some people run for the physical benefits while some associate running as their form of relaxation or stress-release. Either way, the effort is good for both your body and mind.

5. Who is Running Meant for?

To all those who dare to challenge the bad weather! More seriously, the main criterion is to have good health and considered fit by the medical order for such an activity.

Going into races worrying about one's general or cardiac fitness would be risky. The enjoyment must remain beyond the physical glitches.

Let's be reassured, running can be practiced at any age, there is no deadline to start!

As long as you want to air yourself, go beyond, share a sporting moment, go for it and take your loved ones for more conviviality.

And because small sores occur from time to time (tendinitis, sprain, contracture ...) prevent this type of injury by adopting good reflexes (warming up, stretching, working progressively).


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