Benefits Of Running

Track or Trails?

If you've made up your mind to Run this season then pick your path whether it's the trails or the track and start! Running will benefit you in more ways than one. Learn more from the guides below. Get inspired, burn calories, get fitter and faster.

  1. Running is Good for Your Health

It's the number one reason, and the one that should convince even the most sceptical. According to results of a study of 1.5 million men and women, recently published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine, runners who develop endurance improve their cardiovascular health, sometimes to a spectacular degree, and reduce the risk of most cancers.Live longer and in better shape:a gift to all runners!

  1. Running Develops Conditions for Greater Inner Peace

No, running is not the most boring of sports.Quite the contrary.Runners journey deep into themselves, whether they meditate or concentrate on their effort, whether they are open to their immediate environment, or prefer to meander along the curves and bends of their own existence.And develop conditions for greater inner peace.

  1. Running Encourages a Different Relation with the World

Through regular practice, and not necessarily consciously, runners modify a great part of their behaviour. They use their car less (if they have one), eat a more balanced diet, and develop a different relation with the world.Perhaps because they sleep better, or because they are calmer, or more balanced.

running is good for health
  1. Running is not a Synonym for Injury

Of course there are risks. Running involves impact, and puts strain on the skeleton, muscles, and tendons.But injuries are not necessarily a direct effect of running regularly (and for several decades).Particularly if certain rules are respected:quality of shoes, gradually increase distance, recovery phases, and being in tune with yourself.

  1. Running is a Great Way to (Re)Gain Self-Confidence

Running regularly is a way of widening your horizon. Physically, and even more so, mentally. How many internal wounds are healed by running? How many seemingly insoluble equations have been resolved while running? How many inferiority complexes have been overcome by running?

10 benefits of running
  1. Running Stimulates the Desire to Surpass Yourself

You don't need to be a marathoner. Nor participate in competitions. The desire to surpass yourself is not always about performance. It is quite often more discreet: the duration of training sessions, the capacity to run whatever the weather, the need to avoid daily routine.

  1. Running is a Great Way of Meeting People

Individual effort in a team sport: that is how an increasing number of runners practise their sport, whatever their level. In the midst of the effort, unique connections develop and straddle all social and cultural divides. 

  1. Running Cheers You Up

Runners know it and should say it with more conviction:a 10km run is generally enough to cheer you up. Without stopping at the pharmacy!

  1. Running is First and Foremost a Pleasure

Those who doubt it should take the time to run. They should accept to discover this simple but mysterious action without any preconceived ideas. They should accept the idea that effort goes before reward. Yes, running is first and foremost a pleasure!

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