You will be surprised to know that 80% of runners don’t know what category they belong to and because of this, they end up choosing the wrong product. Consequences of a wrong product could include injury, ankle pain, knee pain, heel pain, chafing and so on. 

To avoid this, we will help you identify your level. 


For those who have just begun running, they are also known as "joggers". They practice jogging once or twice a week, not more than 3-4KM per day or 30min per day.

A basic shoe with a rubber or EVA sole. Good breathability and grip should go well. If weight is more compared to your height or beyond 80kg, we recommend shoes with a good cushioning. 

A basic polyester t-shirt should be okay for your run unless you're looking for something that is sweat-absorbent, then you can try quick-dry t-shirts. 

Try to avoid cotton products as it holds sweat and doesn’t dry quickly.

intermediate level


Intermediate runners practice running 3 - 4 days a week, not more than 5-10KM per day or 60min per day. 

On this level, it's mandatory to have shoes with a good cushioning, flexibility and comfort.

advanced level


Professional runners who practice running almost every day of the week.  They have a clear training plan and run for more than 15km per day.

It's necessary for the shoes to have advanced cushioning, better stability and comfort.


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