Whether it involves gradually increasing the number of miles or taking care not to ignore the warning signs given by your body, the most important thing is to enjoy yourself. In order to improve more quickly !


Although you're probably not planning to run a marathon in your first year, it is still preferable to consult your GP before beginning your training cycle. A check-up generally only takes a few minutes. For people over the age of 40, it may be useful to undergo an electrocardiogram – or even a stress test.

Get the Right Kit

There is no point in spending a lot of money on accessories. However, take care to get the right equipment. Starting with your feet! You need to train with a pair of running shoes that are specifically designed for running. And treat yourself to clothing articles that will make running in cold weather or extreme heat more comfortable.

Try and be as Organised as you can be

You will quickly come to realise: that in order to improve and develop the pleasure of running day after day, you need to run regularly! Not necessarily every day. But regularly. Once a week is good. Twice is better. Three times is perfect. While remaining flexible, work out the time slots that naturally fit into your schedule and add them to your electronic calendar.

Be Patient

Running regularly involves getting the body used to shocks. Every time you go out for a run, stress is put on your muscles and tendons and it is important not to cut any corners. Be mindful of the consequences of pushing yourself too hard. Go step by step and gradually increase your mileage (no more than a 15% increase from one week to the next). The same naturally applies to the number of runs you do weekly

Learn to Vary Your Training

It is natural and necessary that you want to start by improving your endurance and your ability to run increasingly long distances. Feel free to alternate between walking and jogging sequences during the first few weeks. The important point is to keep going and, once again, learn to enjoy running! As soon as you feel able, add some accelerations to some of your sessions. An alternating 30/30 plan (30 seconds fast, 30 seconds slow) is a good way of introducing yourself to the world of interval training.

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