A good kick technique ensures a good overall swimming technique. A more effective workout and gives you more satisfaction while you swim. And yes! it improves your performance drastically. 

A good kick technique ensures a good overall swimming technique.

A good kick technique not only helps you in propulsion but also helps you to improve your performance, it helps in conservation of energy and improves your lap timings. Now you can be stronger and faster by just learning one technique.

kick technique in swimming

However, two main flaws come back time and time again for the crawl and backstroke:

  • Swimmers who adopt a dorsiflexed foot position when kicking significantly reduce the efficiency of their kick. It is important to keep a supple and relaxed ankle in the to-and-fro movement when kicking.
  • Similarly, swimmers who bend their knees too much when kicking can also be counter-productive. This mistake produces turbulence and slows down the movement of the body. Effectively reducing the glide factor.
crawl and backstroke

Here is a simple little exercise to help you work on your kick:

  • Position yourself on your back, holding your kickboard at arm's length above your knees
  • Move forwards by kicking your legs, while keeping a supple and relaxed ankle
  • Try to keep your feet at the surface, without hitting the board with your knees.
  • You can use to swim fins to make your session more fun and effective, as the fins help you get the correct position and will help you avoid bending your knees. 
  • It's a win-win situation you can have a great workout and have fun at the same time.

Then try to use the same kicking technique when swimming using both your arms and legs, first doing backstroke and then front crawl.



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