How to perform a warm-up worthy of the name?

1st Step: Unlock the Joints

The most common injuries among athletes come from the joints: wrists, knees, shoulders, elbows and ankles are put to the test when the effort is intense. All the more reason to warm them up!

  • The wrists: the fingers of both hands intertwined, you turn the wrists clockwise and then to the other side.
  • The elbows: the left hand comes to touch the right elbow. You extend your arms above and below the hand in question. Same with the other elbow.
  • Shoulders: arms stretched out on the sides, draw small circles with the tips of your hands. As you rotate, you can enlarge the circles.
  • Knees: the knees should touch and be slightly bent. You bring your hands to the front of your knees and make small rotations in one direction and then in the other.
  • The ankles: the tips of the toes touch the ground. Once again, you make small rotations in both directions.

2nd Step: Raise the Heart Frequency

The body is like a diesel car: it takes a little time before it gets hot. For playing sport, it's the same: it needs several minutes before finding its cruising pace. Running for ten minutes at a moderate pace, you will help your body and your heart to increase in intensity, allowing you to begin your favourite discipline to the full extent of your possibilities.
For those who have a real aversion to running, you can instead make a series of jumping jacks: arm along the body and legs close, you jump by spreading your legs and snapping your hands over your head, arms outstretched. You can do several sets of this exercise until you reach the right temperature.

3rd Step: Heels-Buttocks and Knee-Ups

The idea here is to perform a global warm-up of the body and add a little bit of running.

  • The heel-buttocks adopting a dynamic rhythm and alternating right and left, you bring the heel to your buttocks.
  • The knee climber: always with this dynamic rhythm and keeping the alternation, the knees trying to get up as high as possible, towards the chest. Small tip: accompany your movements with your arms for more fluidity.

4th Step: Entry Into the Actual Practice and General Advice

Once warm, do not go 100% from the beginning: take the time to return quietly to your sport, leaving the body time to settle and take its marks. Think progressively!
As soon as you warm up and throughout your practice, be sure to hydrate yourself, by sips whether it is hot or cold.
And most importantly: start your sports session just after your warm-up, without latency. Or you are good to start all over again!

And you, do you have a particular routine for your warm up? Movements or exercises to advise readers?


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