1. The Mountains Give You a Variety of Options to Discover New Sports During the Holidays

It's been quite a while now that the mountains have adapted to summer tourists with an appetite for big thrills and sports suitable for the majestic landscapes. In winter you also have the option of getting out of the traditional activities such as skiing, sledging and snowball fights (nevertheless a must). Here are some examples:


Low on energy? Get back into physical and mental shape thanks to the surprising benefits of walking! An endurance activity that's suitable for everyone's ability, walking - as opposed to physical activities that are too intensive - contributes to the overall enhancement of the immune system.

Roller skiing
Roller skiing still suffers from a lack of public awareness and is just about considered as good training for cross-country skiing in summer. Yet there are in actual fact races! We'll mention in particular the Trans'roller. An annual race that took place in the Jura Mountains, but, unfortunately, stopped a few years ago. In Italy, however, it's quite a popular sport!

Make the most of the incredible spectacle that is mountains crags and streams hurtling down them as you try out canyoning! Climbing, jumping and rappelling are all part of what you will get to do on your route. Different levels of difficulties exist: make sure you choose what is suitable for your physical capabilities.

Water sports to take to it like a duck to water

Are you more likely to be drawn to huge beaches with fine sand, where the sun has a tendency to pleasantly warm the skin? So the list of sports introduced below should grab your attention.

Swim like a Mermaid
Promise, this is not a joke. Swimming like a mermaid is an activity that puts lots of strain on your abs and is challenging for your breathing. It puts you in the skin of the mythological character, half-women, half-fish, to perform a set of movements intended for the water. If you want to dress up your session with mono fins, it's the sport for you.

Do you like kites and waves? Well, you are going to fall for kitesurfing! Physically demanding, kitesurf takes time to master.Once the technique is acquired, it's really all fun and games, actually. You can do it all along France's coastline (just imagine)!

Have you heard of cross-swimming? Well imagine a cross-training session in water... and you get cross-swimming! The idea: combine physical conditioning, strength training and endurance.      

There are of course a whole host of other more consensual sports to test during the holiday period. Be curious and above all get enjoyment out it! Feel free to share your discoveries.


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