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New activities for balancing exercise and holiday

Holiday spots often offer some ideal locations for exercise that can serve as a tempting excursion. You may feel the urge to go canoeing or kayaking while overlooking an emerald green river from a rocky cliff. The cliff itself may tempt you into rock climbing, if that's your thing. And perhaps the road from which you observe this scene is beckoning you to cycle until you're gasping for air? This holiday could be the perfect occasion for trying new sports.

Goodbye programmes!

There's no need to establish a rigorous workout programme. Holidays aren't meant to be jam-packed with activities! Instead, follow your instinct and start moving when the time feels right. A quick walk along the beach in the early morning could put you in a good mood. A beautiful, sunny day on the beach with friends could be the perfect chance to get toned by playing beach volleyball. Or, practice balancing with standup paddleboarding. Holidays, and all their charm, break with the everyday order to offer impromptu opportunities to play sports.


More regular workouts for balancing exercise and holiday

Free time can give you the chance to work out more regularly. Over several weeks, you can leave the lanes of a swimming pool behind and swim in the ocean morning, noon, and night. You will feel your technique and breathing improving. This is what makes it so fun. Want to sculpt your body? Perfect, your hotel has an organized aquafitness class every morning which you can attend and shout "present" with a smile. And what about winter trips when you spend all day on the slopes? Yes, you should stay moving while on holiday, but exercise should not become a burden. A pretty considerable feat, if you think about it.

Tourism and exercise

Sports tourism has been around for several years as tourists increasingly want to experience an active holiday.

Exploring a city on a bike with your cheeks to the wind, navigating a region with walking poles in hand, experiencing a coastline on a surfboard, admiring nature from the middle of a golf course, these activities are constantly changing and show that there is a market for tourists who want to travel while staying active. An excellent way to take care of yourself, share good experiences with others, and discover the planet's natural and cultural beauty!


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You regularly work out so yes, holidays are the opportune moment for resting and giving your body a break. However, it can't last forever.

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