Christmas is synonymous with holidays, fun, family time and the prequel to a great next year. This season of fun and euphoria builds up right from the latter part of December and lasts all the way up to the end of the first month of the new year! Here we’ll show you 10 ways you can make this season and your entry to 2019, more sporty, healthy and fun-filled! 

  1. Cycling

Here’s an idea! Put on your sporty shorts, grab a cycle and hit the road. If you want to have your adrenaline pumping and push yourself, go ahead and get your friends/family on board for a cycling challenge. Cycling is well known to have many health benefits like increased cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, bone strength and improved posture. A group cycling exercise will be a good fun way to spend time with those close to you.


  1. Trekking + Camping

The forests and mountains are beckoning you to come experience their majestic beauty and what better way than to trek through the lush green carpet it has laid down for you! 

Historically, humans were nomads who travelled great distances across forests, mountains and plains but now have been reduced to roam small spaces in concrete jungles. Get your happy feet out there and explore the great outdoors, breathing fresh air free from smoke and camping under the stars. 

  1. Beach Football

Why not just football, why specifically beach football? Well beach football is one of those rare things that combines the best of both the worlds (beach and football) to produce something, that is out of the world, in terms of raw fun! Run without fear of slipping, jump without fear of getting hurt for the soft sand is there to catch your fall and finally cool yourself by taking a dip in the sea. 

  1. Snow Fighting Competition

What’s Christmas without snow? - Incomplete! Take your family on a vacation to a snowy place and let yourself loose. Make two teams, give everyone a 5-second head start and start rolling up snowballs for a fun-filled snow fighting day!


  1. Skiing

Now that you have a come to a snowy place, you might as well try out Skiing too. Strap on skis to your feet and glide down the gentle slopes of snowy hills! Skiing is the more faster, intense and snowy equivalent of coming down a slide, which most of us would have done as kids. So now you know how much fun this would be!     


  1. Arm Wrestling

If you are living in a snowy place already and it’s too cold outside, then don’t worry, we got just the thing for you, Arm Wrestling. It’s very simple and just needs another person to play the game. Have a showdown with your dad, mom or friend as the crowd cheers you on both. Let the fun enter your home! 

  1. Bowling

Another fun indoor game to indulge in would be Bowling. Head out with your friends to the local Bowling place, to try and show your mastery in knocking out the most number of bowling pins. Curve the ball in devious ways to get a clean shot of all ten pins and dazzle everyone with your technique! 

  1. Running

What’s more challenging than getting up on a wintry morning to go for an early morning run. If you are scoffing at this suggestion, then the challenge is on! Get up at 6 in the morning to go for a run. Running charges up your body as the heart pumps blood to all parts of the body and leaves you energized to breeze through the day. 


  1. The Great Triathlon Challenge

We talked about Cycling and running. How about we up the stakes a lot higher by including swimming too. Triathlon - Swimming, Cycling and Running, all 3 together in one heart pumping and intense package. Considered to be one of the toughest physical challenges ever devised, give this a try if you like the thrill of doing gruelling events to clinch the ultimate prize, our soul satisfaction in beating the odds to emerge victoriously!


  1. Push-Up Challenge

Here is another fun-filled way to spend your time during this wintry season. A push-up challenge! Gather your family and friends in the living room and try to set the record for the most number of continuous push-up’s. Count along with each push-up and encourage the contestants for one more when they are about to give up. Group activities connect people on a more personal way, strengthening the bond between members. 

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