About Kodchadri

Located in the lap of the Western Ghats in the district of Shimoga lies Kodchadri, the 10th highest peak in Karnataka. Kodchadri has a reputation for being unbelievably green with jungle trails and a tropical rain forest. What's more exciting is the view of the Arabian Sea from its peak offering an experience of both Mountain and Ocean, that very few places in India can boast of. 

The Monsoons as you can imagine just enhances the experiences when the entire region is greener than ever. If you plan to go in rainy season take first aid for leaches and wear shoes so that your legs are completely covered. 

  • From September to January but it's greener than ever during the monsoon months of June to August. 
  • Situated in the middle of the Mookambika National Forest, the house of Langurs, King Cobras, Pythons and Hyenas.
  • Lush green jungle trails, dense tropical forests, and waterfall

Why I Chose to Hike Off-Season

Kodchadri is a famous monsoon hike but I visited in the Winters. Yes, Kodchadri wasn't dressed in its beautiful Monsoon attire but it was a whole new version of Kodchadri for me. I will describe my experience as soulful.

Back then I was graphic designing and taking up a lot of projects which kept me indoors in my room for long hours. My table was full of coffee mugs and designs. That was not me. I am a girl who loves to travel, who loves to go where the heart belongs. 

I'd had enough. I felt the need to get out, booked my tickets to Kundapura, a town in Karnataka from where I travelled to the Mukambika, the base of Kodchadri and that's where my hike began, completely solo. 

It was dry and cold but beautiful, fresh and clean. It took me 5 hours to reach the top and just spend some time there and take a couple of good pictures. I also spent some time in Kodchadri Moolakshetra Temple situated on the top of the hill. I also met some students from different stated, shared some experiences and made some cool friends.

After a few hours, I wanted to begin the descent but I was really tired so I booked a jeep and that was another amazingly terrifying yet exciting experience through the forest trails. After driving for an hour I reached the base and travelled back to Kundapura. Spent a night at the beach and headed back to work-life the next day. 

Kodchadri is one experience I'll never forget and it's something I'll suggest everyone to do.

Girl on the Kodchadri trek


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