This monsoon I was given an opportunity by Decathlon India to try and test their Solognac wildlife & outdoor gear. I had the chance to put them to the ultimate test as the weather was harsh and all the locations where I usually shoot were either flooded or damp with the heavy rains the city had witnessed over the last few months. This was good because I was testing Solognac’s waterproof gear!

1. Men’s Waterproof Boots 100 Green

Solognac’s waterproof 100 boots are a blessing in disguise to nature photographers and hikers alike.

I had them on me for more than 12 hours and boy they are good!! 

I had planned to start my day early morning and headed out to shoot some migratory birds and some painted storks in the marsh lands of Navi Mumbai. 

These wetlands are usually flooded this time of the year and I was really skeptical on how these waterproof boots would hold all day. But seeing the quality and built of these shoes I was sure they would be good and ready to take some heavy pounding.

I put them through swamps, sludge of mud, fresh running water and thick damp grasslands. And sure, they did not disappoint.

These shoes are sturdy and built from the best of the best quality materials by Solognac. My feet were super dry all day long inside these shoes and without any shoe bites or any discomfort.

I would I highly recommend these shoes for anyone who’s into wildlife, birds or nature photography, or hiking who face such terrains on regular basis where they need good waterproof shoes to keep their feet dry and safe.

These shoes are a must have for all outdoor adventure junkies, comes at a good price and are a long-lasting pair of shoes.

2. Camo clothing - Men's Breathable Shirt & Breathable Trouser

The shirt and Trousers are indeed very light weight and made from pure breathable material as described by Solognac and decathlon on their product page. Comes with many extra pockets to keep stuff and pull out as and when needed. A must feature for outdoor clothing on such long days out in the wild.

I am a wildlife photographer and have lot of extra things in such as, camera caps, filters, extra batteries, memory cards, a lighter and some camera straps to keep handy and cannot put them in my bag as I need them on and off on a regular interval between shots, hence these type of shirts and trousers come in really handy for me to pick and drop all these small accessories all day long. 

These trousers are pretty stretchable too as mentioned and helps me get down and into the tiny spaces without any issues or discomfort.

Such material is really helpful for me when I have to get low, and ground level to get the perfect shots, or to climb spaces which would be impossible in any other regular trousers.

The shirt is pretty stretchable too and also has a breathable slit on the back which is a must as it lets fresh air enter through your back and keep you well ventilated and feeling fresh all day long no matter how hot or humid the conditions are.

Such shirts and trousers are amazing on a full day safari, game drives or when you are out in the nature and you do not have a chance to change into something else for the entire day. I used the pair for the whole day and was very comfortable. I have used these products in the past and totally rely and trust decathlon and Solognac camo clothing for my wildlife and nature escapades!

A quick comparison!

I have used plenty of camo and outdoor gear in the past. Most of the times I’ve bought stuff from Amazon, or AliExpress at a much cheaper price, but they have never lasted me for more than one or two safari trips tops.

When you are out in the wild you need your clothing and gear to be of top-notch quality given the terrain and conditions are pretty harsh. Hence, I totally vouch for Solognac products because they are built keeping all these factors in mind, and you cannot go wrong with them!

These products are definitely built for a purpose.

You can check these products at your nearest Decathlon store or visit their website for hassle free online shopping. 
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