The Ganjam district of Orissa is known to hold their blackbucks dearer than their crops. They thrive in the man-made grasslands or rather the agricultural fields. Usually, any farmer would barricade his fields to keep the herbivores out. But not these farmers who think their crops belong to the blackbucks too. It's really an example of how humans peacefully coexist with wildlife around. Robin, a wildlife watcher, and photographer from the village shares some amazing stills of this coexistence.

"I come from a village in the Ganjam district of Odisha where we coexist with the wildlife, predominantly blackbucks, also known as Indian antelopes.

They are found in groups grazing inside the paddy fields. No one harms them, though at times the antelopes end up damaging the crops. The black ones are males. I've observed that each group has a male leader and the members are either females or subadults. The members follow the leader religiously."

Blackbuck Male

blackbuck male

Blackbuck Male and Sub-Adult Female

Blackbuck male & sub adult female

Blackbucks thrive in the man-made grasslands or rather the agricultural fields. 

Male Blackbuck and Human Coexistence

picture of blackbucks and human being together


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