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Aashay Mandrekar

Wildlife & Nature Photographer
Wildlife Photography & Wildlife Tourism

Award Winning Wildlife & Nature Photographer, Specialized Big Cats Photographer, Featured Photographer for National Geographic, Sanctuary Asia, Wild Planet Phot Magazine, Saevus Wildlife, & many more.


I am extremely passionate about animals and this isn’t restricted just to the wild. I specialize in big cat photography. In documenting animals through my photographs, I have developed a style of technical excellence combined which is showcased along with a captivating story. Having travelled across India to most of the national parks and annual visits to various reserves and conservation areas in Africa has given me great exposure to different landscapes and terrains. Wildlife photography is not only my passion, but also a powerful medium to help conserve and protect wildlife and nature. My work has been widely appreciated and featured in national and international publications such as National Geographic, wild planet photo magazine, Sanctuary Asia to name a few. UK’s Wild Planet Photo Magazine has also featured my work twice as The Featured Photographer, in 2016 and 2017.

Written by Author
Mumbai : City of Dreams and Leopards

The Sanjay Gandhi National Park, formerly known as Borivali National Park, is located in the northern part of Mumbai and apart from leopards is home to several diverse species like the Spotted Deer, Black Naped Hare, Barking Deer, Porcupine, Palm Civet, Small Indian Civet, Mouse Deer etc

Aashay Mandrekar
November 21, 2019
min read
Flamingos Painting the City Red

Its that time of the year when our city is painted pink and red by these flocks of flamingos that migrate here to breed and feed on our fertile mudflats and wetlands. 

Aashay Mandrekar
November 8, 2019
min read
Aashay Mandrekar - A Wildlife Photographers Review on Wildlife and Outdoor Gear

I put them through swamps, sludge of mud, fresh running water and thick damp grasslands. And sure, they did not disappoint.

Aashay Mandrekar
November 8, 2019
min read
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