Returning to basketball: meet with a coach

To get in the right habits from the beginning, we met with Jean-Etienne, age 47, project manager at Decathlon and basketballer from a very young age:

A basketball enthusiast who was able to stay involved with his favourite sport after his career as a player.

And Jean-Etienne shares his passion with the whole family:


Basketball: get back into shape gently

This is the first tip for getting back to basketball: take the time to get back gradually!

And above all, getting back to training is an opportunity to create good habits.

Moreover, the right motions go beyond the basketball court

Oh yes, hydration is part of the good habits from the beginning

And on the court, what should you do to get back into the game properly?

The first piece of good news: it's not worth trying to force it. Getting back to basketball involves gradual work, getting the feeling back, and lots of recovery.


To get back to basketball, get back to the game

The second step for getting back to basketball is to get back to the game and the joy of playing!

On the agenda for your training is passing and lots of dribbling:

And what's next, as you might suspect, is to get your eye back on the basket, both literally and figuratively.

And working on your shot is also all about pleasure and feeling.

“When shooting, take care not to start from too far away. At the beginning of a training session, and even at the beginning of a season, it's not worth breaking your arms to shoot 3-pointers. We start by working on movements and finishing the shot. That allows you to make lots of shots and limits your fatigue. We focus on technique and shot speed before focusing on distance.”

And you might be asking yourself the question: how do I start or get back into basketball as an adult, or how do I get back to competition after being away for a certain time or after a certain age?

Here too, Jean-Etienne explains how to get back to the game:

“You shouldn't think that you can't improve technically after a certain age.

Especially when it comes to shooting, it is never too late to correct little details, gain speed and accuracy... to cover your little flaws. Personally, my role as a coach is to remind you of the little useful details. For instance, your stance is essential for both passing and shooting. It is above all a matter of concentration and fundamentals. And that, you can always work on.”

Now you have a few ideas about the way to get back to the game and the fun of playing.

So what about getting back to competition?

“A fun exercise when getting back to training is to work on shooting after contact. The goal is to get back into the rhythm and conditions of a game. For example, you can use a gym ball to gently push the player as they shoot. That will help them be aware of the importance of core strength during their shot. And mentally, it motivates them to find the basket, even after a foul.”


Getting back to basketball after an injury

We're now getting to a specific situation: getting back to sports after an injury .Are you finding hesitations or doubts at the bottom of your sports bag as you get on the court? Here again, your return should be gradual.

This time, preparation also happens in your mind:

And once back on the court, it's time to get back into good habits, to free yourself physically and mentally.

How do you prepare to get back to basketball? Share your tips and feel free to tell us if you liked the article!

It's time to get back into the game! If you miss the sound of shoes on the basketball court, we're talking to you. So to help you return to basketball in the best possible way, we found a coach to answer a few questions.

To start out, what exactly do we mean when we talk about getting back into the game? Getting back into the game after the summer and getting back to the gym? Getting back in shape after a certain age? Or simply getting back to basketball after an injury, for example?

Here are our tips!

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