Discover the Game


What are the rules to follow to start playing? Which equipment to choose to practice everywhere?  

We propose here a presentation of the fundamentals to start simply according to your physical and technical qualities.

If you are looking for a winter sport or if the noise of the ball on the bitumen intrigues you as soon as spring returns, you are about to discover a new-found passion for basketball!

What is Basketball??

Basketball was born on a rainy day in December 1891 in Massachusetts, United States. James Naismith, an inspired sports teacher was looking for an indoor activity for his students while waiting for spring. He hung two baskets at a ramp at 3.05 meters and divided his players into two teams with the goal of throwing a ball in the basket. 

Since its official debut in American gyms, basketball has become a major sport in America and Europe. Now it is Asia 's turn to be passionate about practicing a sport that involves skill, dexterity, dynamic movements, strength and physical contact.

In addition to being practiced in all courts where there are baskets, basketball has adapted to turn any space into a playground. A simple basket in your garden and you can learn with your family.

The famous orange ball is also closely linked to urban culture to offer a variant, Streetball. It is practiced outdoors, on the famous playgrounds in bitumen and favors the spectacular and playful oppositions in 1 against 1 and 3 against 3.

Once you've tasted it, basketball follows you everywhere, from classic indoor matches to games with friends or strangers on neighbourhood courts.

What Position is Suitable for you

Your position in the team depends on your size and skill :

  • Speed, dribbling and game management is for players who have a smaller build.
  • The position in the center is for the tallest person who is positioned near the basket. 
  • And shooting at 3 points is for the agilest and skillful players. 

Dexterity, relaxation, rhythm and anticipation are the keys to this game which requires repeated efforts over short periods.

Please note - If you have a medical contraindication, consider consulting your doctor!

The Physical and Mental Benefits of Basketball 

Basketball is a balanced sport, which combines skill and endurance.

Essential Rules to Start Playing Basketball

  • Basketball is played by two teams. You must score points by throwing the ball into the basket.
  • Contacts on the ball carrier are punished with a foul. 5 mistakes and it's exclusion! If the attacker creates contact, it is an offensive foul.
  • To move the ball in hand, you have to dribble by bouncing it off the ground. Once your dribble is stopped, you must pass or shoot.
  • You have the right to 2 supports without dribbling, which is, a double step or a complete jump.

Basketball Equipment: What Products to Begin?

First, you need a ball and suitable shoes - especially to keep your ankles safe while you make the world your playground.

With one basket, you can play half-court matches. These are ideally played in shorts with a sleeveless jersey needed for protection.

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