1. Diet For Training And Competition

  • A few days beforehand: Increase your energy reserves
  • Last meal before the run: Fully stock up your energy reserves
  • When waiting:  Avoid dehydration and snacks. Manage stress.
  • During exercise: Hydrate and make up for energy and mineral losses
  • After exercise: Recovery

If you want to use products like energy bars and sports drinks, test out different products while training to find out which suit you best.

Ideally, these products should be used three hours beforehand. Have a light meal high in complex carbohydrates (like starches, rice and potatoes) and low in lipids.

2. Stay Hydrated

  • When exercising 1 hour or less: Hydrate
  • When exercising for more than one hour: Drink an energy drink to stay hydrated
  • For prolonged periods of exercise: Drink an energy drink and eat energy bars to stay hydrated
  • Hydrate and replenish your energy and mineral reserves.
  • Increase your intake of complex carbohydrates. Your three main meals should be based on starches (such as bread, rice and potatoes).
  • 3 hours before you start exercising: Have a light, easy-to-digest meal high in complex carbohydrates and low in lipids. You can substitute an energy cake in place of this meal.
  • Before warming up, drink liquids to stay hydrated. Once you start warming up, have an energy drink. Drink about 200-250 ml before you start your run.

It is important to stay hydrated for the entire time you are engaging in physical activity. Drink approximately 150 ml every 15 minutes. Eat simple carbohydrates in liquid, gel or solid form to make up for electrolytes and energy that are lost.

Rehydrate, replenish your energy and mineral reserves and repair muscle tissue as quickly as possible.


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