What is a Protein Shake

Protein shakes give the body the dose of protein that it needs and promote an increase in muscle mass. It is a mixture of water or milk and protein powder called "whey".

To improve its taste or texture, you can add:

  • Fruit: bananas or strawberries, for their sweetening and thickening properties
  • Vanilla concentrate or cocoa powder to make them more tasty without adding too many calories
  • Oatmeal, yoghurt or cottage cheese to thicken the shake.

Whey Protein, A Risk-Free Product

risk-free whey protein
  • It is often used in vegetarian diets to provide the body with its daily dose of
  • Protein shakes are made from whey protein, i.e. the protein of powdered whey.

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The Benefits of Protein Shakes

  • To maintain and define your muscle mass or get ripped after intense bodybuilding sessions, you have to replace the carbohydrates with protein. To help your body get used to this change, protein shakes are the ideal solution.
  • Protein shakes have benefits for every sportsman and woman in a hurry: no need to prepare five meals a day, one or two of these meals can be replaced by a shake. To take with you everywhere in a Domyos shaker, for example!
  • Whey protein is used to supplement the diet and should not substitute a meal. The key factor for improving your bodybuilding is the nutrition, not the products!


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