Beaches are the perfect place for a relaxing and rejuvenating vacation or even a short break from your everyday life. Far from the hustle and bustle of the fast-paced city life, beaches are calm and serene and bring you closer to nature. If you are looking for a beach holiday in Karnataka, then this article is just for you. Many beaches have also started offering water sports like boating, parasailing, and so on. This makes the beach holiday even more fun and interesting for all age groups. 

 In this article, we will be talking about the Murudeshwara Beach in Karnataka. We will discuss the various details about ts locations, how you can reach this beach, and all the activities you can enjoy. These will share details about the adventure sports offered for the tourists at this beach and all the water sports you can enjoy during a visit to Murdeshwara Beach. At the end of this article, you will have all information you need before planning your trip and visiting this beach in South India. 

Murudeshwar Beach Karnataka is one of the beaches in South India that is the perfect tourist destination when looking for a relaxing and rejuvenating holiday. There are many reasons why you should not miss out on a visit to this peaceful beach that also offers exciting adventure sports at the beach. It is the ideal picnic spot and heaven for the adventurous person in you who is looking forward to breaking the monotony of their everyday life and indulging in activities to revitalise the body, mind and soul. The tranquillity that the orange sunset skies, glittering blue waters, golden sand and the lush green covers offer is unmatched and makes this beach a must-visit place when in Karnataka. The Shri Murdeshwara Beach must surely be on your bucket list if you love all thighs, sea and sand. The following sections of this article will definitely make you add this beach to your list. 

An Overview Of Murudeshwar Beach

Let us begin by sharing with you the basic details of this beach to help you have the important details you must know before you visit this place for your beach holiday. The Murudeshwar Beach is also known as the Murdeshwara Mahadev Beach. This is because this beach situated in Murdeshwar overlooks the Lord Shiva statue. The beach is a part of the temple town of Murudeshwar which has the second tallest Lord Shiva statue in the world. We will share more details with you on this temple in the upcoming sections to help you plan to visit this world-famous temple in Murudeshwara. 

Shri Murudeshwar Beach lies on the periphery of the Murusheswara Temple. Gentle hills surround this beach with silky-textured sand, which is mostly very uncommon at the beaches. The lush green covers, along with the sea breeze, enhance the beach experience at this beach and offer the perfect vacation filled with adventurous sports and activities, including boating. You can also spot seagulls and kingfishers if you visit this beach early morning to enjoy the majestic sunrise and the vivid colours of the sea and the sky. 

Located in the temple town of Murudeshwar, the Murudeshwar Beach is in the Bhatkal Taluk, Uttara Kannada district in Karnataka. This town is easily accessible by various modes of transport. If you wish to take a flight, then the nearest airport is the Mangalore International Airport which lies towards the south of this town. Murudeshwar is well connected by trains with Bangalore and Mumbai, and if you wish to travel by road, you can find private busses and state busses from Kochi, Bangalore and Mumbai. This beach is well-known for its rare silky sand texture, gentle hills and the second tallest Mahadev statue. This is why this beach is also often known as the Murudeshwar Temple Beach, as it lies on the periphery of the Mahadev temple. Some other tourist attractions near this beach include Alvekodi Beach, Bailur Beach, Manki Beach, and Nakhuda Beach. His beach is open 24/7 and has no entry fees. The beach offers a wide range of exciting water sports, which we will discuss in the upcoming section. 

The following is the summary of some important details you must know before hitting the Murdeshwara Beach:

Adventure Water Sports To Enjoy At Murudeshwara Beach

Let us now discuss what you are eagerly waiting for, the water sports and activities at Beach Murdeshwara. Adventure sports have become a common feature at the beaches these days. People visit a beach not just to relax and enjoy the peacefulness but also to indulge in activities that bring out their adventurous side and help them experience the adrenaline rush that they often miss out on due to the monotony of their everyday lives. Water sports at beaches are a good way of indulging in these activities while enjoying the fresh vibes of the beach. These activities offer better business to the beaches by drawing more people, and for the tourists, this creates a better attraction for visiting that particular beach. At Beach Murudeshwar, the visitors can indulge in a number of water sports to ignite that fire of adventure and excitement. In this section, we will be listing the water sports offered at Murudeshwar Beach in Karnataka and the details you will need before indulging in these adventurous activities at the beach. The following are the water sports that you must try at Murdeshwara Beach:


  • Adventure Level: Medium
  • Best Season: Around the year
  • Swimming Required: No
  • Tips: Make sure you are following all the safety rules and use the safety equipment properly to avoid accidents and enjoy the experience without any mishappening. 

Boat Ride In Local Fishing Boat

  • Adventure Level: Easy
  • Best Season: Throughout the year
  • Swimming Required: Yes, in case there is a mishappening, and you have to reach the shore, you must know swimming.
  • Tips: Ensure your safety by using a life jacket


  • Adventure Level: Easy
  • Best Season: Summers. Swimming is a great activity to beat the heat.
  • Swimming Required: Yes
  • Tips: Make sure you are well trained in swimming before swimming in the ocean.

Sport Fishing

  • Adventure Level: Hard
  • Best Season: Throughout the year, especially during high tide
  • Swimming Required: No
  • Tips: being accompanied by professional fishermen is a good idea for this sport.

Riding Water Scooter

  • Adventure Level: Hard
  • Best Season: Around the year
  • Swimming Required: Yes
  • Tips: Always be accompanied by a trainer or professional and make sure to use safety equipment properly.

Speed Boating

  • Adventure Level: Hard
  • Best Season: Throughout the year
  • Swimming Required: Yes
  • Tips: Life jackets and other safety equipment must be used, and a professional or a trainer must be present throughout the ride. 


  • Adventure Level: Hard
  • Best Season: Throughout the year
  • Swimming Required: yes
  • Tips: The presence of a trainer or professional is a must during this activity. 

These are some of the activities that you can indulge in at the Murudeshwar India Beach. You must visit the beach with ample time in hand to do these sports and enjoy your vacation to the fullest and explore the temple town of Murudeshwar. 

Other Things To Do At Murudeshwar Beach

A beach is a preferred holiday destination among people as the beach has so much to offer and some or the other activity for anyone and everyone. Beaches are the perfect place to relax and calm your sense while you look at the views that the sea and sky offer, listen to the sounds of the gushing waves and feel the sea breeze on your skin that brings in the fragrance of the ocean. The beach is also the best place for adventurous people who wish to try different water sports and feel the adrenaline rush as they enjoy boating, fishing, paragliding and other such activities. For the explorers and wanderers, beaches and beach towns offer the perfect place to find interesting spots for shopping and filling your tummy with scrumptious food. These cities also have other gems to explore and spend the day enjoying the same. Beaches are also wonderful places for running and jogging and offer the perfect vibes for the same early in the morning or in the evening at sunset. In this section of this article, we will be discussing the various activities to do and places to visit near the Murudeshwar Beach in this beach town of Karnataka. 

Enjoy The Sunset With Stunning Views Of The Murudeshwar Temple

The location of the Murdeshwara Beach is such that you can see the Murdeshwara Temple and the Mahadev statue clearly from the beach. The temple and the statue offer picturesque views that you will remember for a lifetime. If you happen to visit the beach at sunset or are present there, you are sure to witness the most stunning views and capture some of the best Instagram-worthy pictures for your feed.  

Incorporating Some Healthy Practices

A beach can be a great location for your daily workouts. This includes walking, jogging and running. Beaches are calm and peaceful places, and you can also indulge in Yoga while you let your senses calm down to the sounds and views that the beach offers. Many visitors to the Murudeshwar Beach involve in some kind of workout or physical activities and enjoy the aura of the beach while they indulge in these healthy practices.

You can find a wide range of walking or running shoes for your beach holiday online at the Decathlon Online Store. You can also find Yoga Mats and many other beach toys and equipment to make the most of your Beach Vacation. 

Checking Out The Street Food

Beaches are the best place for taking your tastebuds on a ride, and the Murudeshwar Beach offers great street food options to explore and indulge in a gastronomical affair. 

Perfect Picnic Spot For The Family

Shri Murudeshwar Beach has a calm aura, adventurous sports, and good street food options, making it the most suitable destination for a family picnic. 


Many people visit the beach for the sunlight and get the benefits of the sun. Sunbathing is a good activity to indulge in when visiting the Murdeshwara Beach. 

Buy Handicrafts Item

Shopping is an important activity that you should not miss out on. Shopping for local handicraft items helps you in carrying home souvenirs from this beautiful beach. 

Other Beaches You Must Explore Around Murdeshwara Beach

The following are some other beaches that you can visit near the Murudeshwar Beach Karnataka:

  • Alvekodi Beach
  • Bailur Beach
  • Manki Beach
  • Nakhuda Beach

Best Time To Visit Beach Murudeshwar

The best time to visit Beach Murdeshwara is from October to February. 

Murudeshwar Beach Timing And Entry Fee

Murdeshwara Beach is open throughout the day, and entry to this beach is completely free. 

Murdeshwara Beach Location: Where Is Murudeshwar Beach?

Beach Murudeshwar is located in the temple town of Murudeshwar in the Bhatkal Taluk, Uttara Kannada district in Karnataka. This beach lies on the periphery of the Murudeshwara temple and is also known as the Murudeshwar Mahadev Beach. 

How To Reach Murudeshwar Beach?

Murdeshwara Beach is well connected with rail, road and air routes. You can use the following information to reach this town:

  • By Road: Busses connect Murdeshwar to Mumbai, Bangalore and Kochi
  • By Train: The railway station at Murudeshwar is connected to Mumbai and Bangalore.
  • By Flight: The Mangalore International Airport is the earnest airport to Murdeshwara.

Tips For Visiting Murudeshwar Beach

Follow the below-listed tips for a better beach experience at Beach Murdeshwara:

  • Carry and use sunscreen.
  • Carry a polybag for your shoes and sandals.
  • Take a tour of the beach in around 2-3 hours.
  • Ensure that you are dressed comfortably for the best beach experience.
  • Carry all your beach accessories to enjoy to the fullest. 

Murudeshwar Beach Contact Number

You can visit the official website of Karnataka Tourism and find the contact details of this place or get in touch with their team to find out this detail about the beach. 


We hope this article has helped you get all the required information about Murudeshwar Beach and would have helped you find reasons enough to add this beach to your bucket list. 


What Are The Timings Of Murudeshwar Beach?

The Murdeshwara Beach is open 24/7 all around the year. 

Is Murudeshwar Beach Clean?

Yes, Murdeshwara Beach is clean and well maintained. 

Is Murdeshwara Beach Worth Visiting?

Yes, Murudeshwar Beach is worth visiting. 

Where Is Murudeshwar Beach?

Murdeshwara Beach is located in the temple town of Murudeshwar in the Bhatkal Taluk, Uttara Kannada district in Karnataka.

Is Murudeshwar Beach Open Now?

Yes, Murdeshwara Beach is open now. 

Murudeshwar Beach Is In Which District?

Murdeshwara Beach is in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka. 

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