With sticky summer days and humidity not making things any easier, you are probably wondering about your next vacation. Manali has been a favourite vacation destination for several Indian families. It is perfect for a weekend getaway for friends. Being one of the most popular hill stations in North India, it is no wonder Manali is a year-round destination.

With North Indians rushing to the popular hill station as soon as they get sweaty from the heat, there are many reasons why Manali is everyone’s first choice.

Everything You Need To Know About Travelling To Manali

Here are a few things you must know to plan your trip to Manali better.

  • If you have decided that your next trip will be to Manali, now’s the time to decide how you plan on reaching there. The closest airport to Manali is the Bhutnar Airport, but we don’t recommend that since most flights are very expensive.
  • Instead, fly off to Delhi or Chandigarh and take an overnight bus from there. It should cost you around 1000 bucks for a luxury push back seat per person.
  • Carry a couple of warm clothes even if you’re travelling in summer. And of course, an extra pair of socks.
  • Make sure to carry appropriate government-issued documents that prove your identity, like your passport or ADHAAR card. This will help you check-in hotels, campsites and in signing up for adventure activities.
  • Take your first aid kit with you and don’t forget to take your regular medicines with you.
  • It will cost you around 1500-3000 rupees a day to have a nature-filled vacation in Manali apart from sport adventures costs.
  • Although there are ATMs abundantly in Manali, the availability of ATMs becomes less frequent as you move away from the city area, so make sure you have enough cash on hand at all times.
  • While 2 days might fall short to experience Manali adequately, it is a great vacation spot for a long weekend and can be covered in 3 to 4 days.

Best Time For Camping In Manali

Manali’s weather remains pleasant throughout the year. However, peak vacation-friendly time comes during summer when everyone travels to their favourite hill stations. Summer usually starts from March in Manali and ends around June end. Monsoon too is just as pleasant with temperature ranging between 11°C to 15°C and is less crowded as compared to May and June. But remember, just a tiny bit less.

Having said that, if we have to narrow it down to the best time for camping in Manali, it has to be during winters. Trekking and camping in Manali in December is just as best as it can get. Not only do you get to cherish the wonders of nature, but also get to make the most of the magical snowfall, witness soul-stirring sunrises, and soak in the enchanting views of the great Himalayas.

Best 10 Places For Camping In Manali

With people from all over the world going camping in Manali, there ought to be something special about this town. There are a lot of camping sites available in Manali depending on factors like season, events and duration. Here’s a list of various campsites and luxury tents in Manali for a perfect outdoor mountain adventure. Check it out!

Solang Valley

Solang Valley is the famous adventure hub of Himachal Pradesh. Located about 15 kilometres from the centre of Manali, this valley near the village of Solang is the perfect combination of scenic vistas and snow. Tucked at 8500 feet in the lap of the Himalayas, the monsoons must be avoided.

Monsoons bring torrential rain and the level of the river increases to dangerous levels which is why it is always advised to pitch camps during the more pleasant months. Spend the night under the starry skies warmed by the bonfire.

In the lush greenery, paragliding, horse riding, zorbing and parachuting are popular activities. Soaring the skies like a bird and rolling down the hill in a giant transparent ball will be wonderfully exciting.

Hermit’s Camp And Cafe

Located in Village Meteura, Kullu, Hermit’s camp is quite popular among backpackers and is situated at a hilltop that offers a beautiful view of the Kasol Valley. Offering views of the majestic mountains and well-manicured private gardens, this upscale campsite in Manali provides premium tents to satiate those craving to spend time close to nature with a magnificent view.

Surrounded by Deodar trees and located at the top of the hill, it’s perfect for you if you’re on to live on the edge (pun intended). Kick your adventure up a notch and go for a trek or hike, many of which start here.

Soli Tree Camps

Soli Tree promises to provide a one of a kind camping experience in Manali with a starlit sky, chirping of the birds, gentle rhythm of the River Beas and the captivating views of the Himalayas. It is located in the Kais Village of Kullu Valley, a quiet, explored area surrounded by beautiful apple and plum orchards and embraces a simple living amidst the lush green nature.

Cradled on the lap of picturesque misty mountains, this campsite in Manali offers glamorous camping tents with world-class amenities. Their rooms have electric tea makers and balconies with views of the river and mountains.

Western Himalayan Outdoors

0.4 kilometres away from the heart of the city with a pristine river in the front and untouched mountainous forests around, this campsite in Manali has luxury tents for families and travellers alike.

Being natives of the Himalayan region, the organisers - Western Himalayan Outdoors have extensive knowledge of the area, the landscapes, people and cultures adding colour and dimension to your trip. Having only 3 but well-appointed spacious tents, they focus on small and specialised groups as well as individually tailored tours giving customers an immediate and rare experience of these secluded sites. With king-sized beds, living spaces and modern amenities, this is a great opportunity to soak in the tranquillity of nature.


Even though Manali is everyone’s favourite, we all know it can be crowded. And if that’s not for you and you’re looking for a less crowded space, camping at Bhuntar is for you!

This place ensures an adventurous camping adventure like never before. It has a very basic campsite which is equipped with majorly all the facilities which are required to survive in the woods.

Located just right next to the river, this campsite offers a unique camping experience. Witness diversified flora and fauna with a trip to Himachal Pradesh and get ready to be astonished by the scenic appeal and the tranquillity of this entire place. This should be your go-to place for camping in Manali in December.

Tirthan Valley

Tirthan valley is considered Himachal's best-kept secret. It is adorned with picturesque views of breathtaking landscapes. The camp is surrounded by mountains populated with large Deodar trees. This place is also famous for camping where adventure junkies take a break from the hustle-bustle.

The camp has beautiful trekking and biking trails, and large natural rock faces and boulders are a just short walk away. 

If you do plan to visit this campsite you should know that it is situated in the Himalayan valley surrounded by Reserved forests and that means no bright lights, no loud music, meal timings and no campfires during the fire season.

Kothi Village

If you are the kind that does not like crowded spots, then the several tiny hamlets around Manali will be your perfect option. Kothi is one of them. Located about 13 kilometres from Manali towards Rohtang Pass, it remains open and accessible in the winter season as well. However, The months from April to June are considered to be the best time to visit Kothi.

Owing to its high altitude, it is rarely hot here and the change is only between being extremely cold and pleasantly cold. The months from April to June are considered to be the best time to visit Kothi.

Tentsville Manali

Tentsville camping is located in the Bhanupal district in Kullu and is one of the best places to enjoy camps in Manali. Blending luxurious tents with off-the-beaten-track forests, waterfalls and wildlife – one of the finest experiences you'll find in Manali.

Located in the middle of breathtaking mountains, the campsite is a place that is shadowed by wildlife, waterfalls, tall pine trees, and valleys. Enjoy the white river, go for a guided walk or a motorcycle expedition. We highly recommend carrying your cameras here to capture the starry sky while enjoying the bonfire with friends.

Bhanu Bridge

The best location to set a camp under the stars and enjoy riverside camping in Manali, the Bhanu bridge also known as Bhanupull bridge is perfect for someone interested in adventurous experiences. It is a popular tourist destination and serves as the roadway to other northern hill stations.

Imagine listening to the gushing sounds of the waves as you lie under your camps in the middle of the lush hills. Amp up your adrenaline rush and go river rafting with your friends.

Beas River

Where the Beas River chuckles down the gorges, and the snowy peaks of the mountains reach their fingers to meet the sky: that’s what Manali is, in nutshell.

Saving the best for last, the bank of the Beas river is the place to be if camping in Manali is on your wishlist. Being a perfect blend of lush nature, majestic hills, gushing streams, and postcard-like views of the Himalayas, it offers one of the best experiences.

Originating from the Beas Kund region nestled amidst the Himalayas, the Beas river cascades down to the Sutlej Basin in the state of Punjab.

Paragliding In Manali

Manali is not just for camping if you’re one adventure junkie. It is an adventurer’s paradise. Trekking, river rafting and paragliding are the main adventures you should try out in Manali.

Paragliding is a recreational sport where the launching and landing are done with the wind. The wind is used as an airstream by running, being pulled or with the help of existing wind. The pilots are moved to a place from where they can be lifted.

Get your friends to film your video and it’ll be like you’re in a movie, we promise.

Our top three picks for your paragliding adventures are:

Solang Valley

This is something you should cover during your camping experiences. The magnificent view and lush greenery add to the charm, making it perfect for paragliding in Manali. Soar up in the sky with the help of experienced instructors who will guide you through the activity.

Kangra Valley

Another one of the famous spots for paragliding in Manali, Kangra Valley is filled with adventure seekers between August to November. The flight takes off from the spectacular sight of Bir while landing takes place at the dainty region of Bir.

Bijli Mahadev

Famous for treks, Bijli Mahadev has a picturesque landscape, perfect to make your friends jealous on Instagram. But guess what? It’s just as amazing if you’re looking forward to paragliding in Manali. It is surrounded by the Parvati Valley range and covered with beautiful and colourful flowers which make for a sight to behold, it is a spot framed for Bijli Mahadev.

Adventures Essentials For Camping And Paragliding In Manali

  • It is better to keep a local guide and an experienced paraglider who can communicate and assist you as well as communicate with the local people. This will ensure your safety.
  • Check the equipment provided thoroughly before starting your ride.
  • In general, you don’t need any prior permission to do camping, but it’s always a good idea to ask local people as the land you’re pitching your tent may belong to them.
  • Always carry insect repellants.
  • It never hurts to carry a change of clothes in your backpack in case you slip and fall in the dirt while trekking.
  • Carrying a flashlight and a whistle in case you’re travelling in bigger groups is a good idea.
  • Wear breathable comfortable clothes while travelling. Go for shoes that support your ankle to prevent any sprains.
  • Two of the most usable adventures must have are good quality trekking shoes and a bum bag.

These Khaki Men’s Waterproof Leather Trekking Boots walk well on hard and wet surfaces while providing excellent comfort. The waterproof boots are high tops that prevent any wear and tear on your ankles while its flexible sole makes walking easy. Here is a similar pair for women.

The compact bum bag or fanny pack as some may call is a travel genius not just for your trekking escapades. This one is great for carrying your essentials all day long. The best part about this particular bum bag is that it looks petite but can carry up to 2L of things while weighing only 45g alone.

Decathlon is the one-stop destination for all your quality sports and travel goods. We promise to accompany you to all your adventures in the form of gears for a more than satisfactory experience. From camping tents and sleeping bags to trekking shoes and backpacks, find all your travel requirements at Decathlon.

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