Imagine a warm sunny day, cool wind in your hair, the soft sound of the ocean waves, and a chance to get away from all civilization and technology - to explore the beauty of nature and wildlife, to capture that perfect sunset. 

The pandemic has everyone missing the outdoors, but as we find ourselves gearing up to be outdoors again, sailing is the perfect socially distanced adventure one can plan.

Sailing has many benefits such as relaxation, improving health and endurance, learning through discovery, perseverance, and the freedom to explore. However, as a skilled sport, there are some essential things you need to be aware of before embarking on a trip. 

Here are 10 tips for Sailing beginners

1. Learn the Sailing Terms

Just as any sport, sailing too requires you to understand all the basic terms. These require a fair share of research and learning as the terms are technical in order for you to understand the anatomy of the boat. Once you are familiar with the terms, it is much easier to communicate while at sea with your fellow crewmates!

2. Sign up for a Course

Certified sailing instructors will make it a lot easier for you to start your sailing adventure. Instructors have all the resources which would help a beginner set sail correctly and safely. It is always advisable to go out to the sea with someone who has experience as sailing does involve risks which can be fatal.

3. Assess the Winds and the Waters

Winds are a major factor as they can influence your day at the sea. Ensure that the winds are light and in your favour before setting sail. Starting out on calm and gentle waters is always advisable for a beginner as this can help you take control of your boat and instill confidence. Sailing in an area with other experienced and skilled sailors can also help you master your basics. Rough open waters can cause a sailing boat to lose control and only an experienced sailor can tame the boat. 

4. Start Small

Picking the right sailboat for your first journey can make or break your experience. It’s prudent to start with a small sailboat as it is easy to manoeuver. As you make yourself familiar with the water, you can upgrade to bigger sailboats.

5. Carry Essentials

Once you’re out on the water, there’s no turning back! What you pack is all you have, therefore making a list of all the things you need is a good place to begin. Drinking water, food, a first aid kit, a compass or GPS, extra pair of clothes, waterproof bags, and your phone are some examples of what to carry. Don’t forget to bring out your favourite pair of sunglasses and get your sunscreen on!

6. Keep your People Informed

Keeping your family or friends informed about your sailing journey is preferable in case of any accidents. Always have someone check up on you!

While you might find your first time on a sailboat challenging, the experience sure is a memorable one. I hope this blog guides you on your first sailing trip. Step out of your comfort zone, be brave and let your sailing escapade begin!

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