Every summer, we want our children to spend the majority of their time outside, exploring and learning rather than being glued to their technological devices. But by 10 a.m., it's so hot that none of us wants to spend the rest of the day outside, at least not without a method to keep cool. So we did some research and came up with a list of the 10 best water games for kids. These activities are a fun alternative to indoor entertainment, and they'd be ideal for summer birthday celebrations or family reunions! In this article, we will be covering a list of fun outdoor water games for kids, water activities to do at home, cool things to do with water, fun games to play in the water and much more. So keep reading!!


During the summer, youngsters like to spend all day in the water. Our article will provide some fun outdoor water games for kids to play. These activities may keep kids occupied for a long period while limiting screen usage. It allows students to socialise outside of the classroom.

This chosen assortment of activities may be played in the garden to keep the kids cool and fresh on hot summer days. You also won't need any extra equipment or materials. All they have to do is put on their swimsuits and jump into the ocean to have a good time.

10 Water Games For Kids To Beat The Heat With A Splash

The majority of these water games for kids are simple to execute. Are you ready to have a great time with your child? Let’s go!

Water Balloon Piñatas

One of the best fun outdoor water games for kids is water balloon pinatas. It is great for summer birthday parties or gatherings. Using a clothesline, hang several water balloons. The players are blindfolded and instructed to hit the balloons with a bat. You may become completely soaked when playing this water game. As a result, you may wish to dress appropriately.

Water Balloon Toss

Another amazing fun outdoor water game for kids is water balloon, where the throw is certain to provide hours of entertainment while also keeping you cool in the heat. Players should be divided into pairs and given a water balloon to each couple. The balloon must be tossed between them. Each of them must take a step backwards every time they capture the balloon. Continue until the balloon bursts, and one of them is drenched. Does it seem like a good time? Try it right now!

Ice Cube Painting

Allow your youngsters to make masterpieces with ice. It is a cool thing to do with water. Coloured ice may be made with food colouring and water. Then, spread some butcher paper or even newspapers in your garden. Allow your youngsters to paint on ice cubes in their favourite colours. Allow it to dry before displaying it in your living room.

Slip 'N Slide

Who doesn't enjoy slipping and sliding? All you need is a plastic tablecloth or a huge tarpaulin sheet to create a slide. Place the slide near a sprinkler and turn it on, or spread the sheet on your lawn and pour a lot of water on it. To make the water more slippery, add some soap to it. See who can slide the farthest on the grass without rolling off. That is why this is one of the best water activities to do at home.

Ice Mould Excavation

Another cool thing to do with water is to fill a glass with water and a tiny toy, then freeze it. With various instruments, such as spoons, de-mould the ice and deliver it to your children. You might also give them a pinch of salt. Now have them chisel away at the ice to discover the hiding toy. This is a fun exercise that your youngster could love.

Pass The Water

This is a game that will fully soak everyone. Make your youngsters stand in a line facing one way to play this game. At the start of the line, place a bucket of water and a plastic cup, and at the end, place an empty bucket. The first player must fill the cup and pass it to the next player over their head. Continue until the cup reaches the final player, who must now pour the water from above into the empty bucket. If there are a lot of kids, divide them into teams and see who can fill the bucket with the most water.

Water Gunfight

This is a timeless game that never fails to amuse. For each player, get some water pistols or spray bottles. Let the conflict begin by dividing the participants into teams. Each team seeks to splatter water on the opposing side's clothing. The winner is the player who has the driest shirt. Water is sprayed over the players' shirts to guarantee that no one splashes the players' eyes by accident. It is also simpler to choose your winner. This is a really fun game to play in the water.

Drip, Drip, Drop

This is a parody of 'Duck, Duck, Goose' and is certain to make everyone chuckle. One player takes on the role of 'It,' while the rest sit in a circle. "Drip, drip..." says the 'It' as he walks around the circle with a glass of water, pouring a drop of water on each player's head by dipping their fingers in the water. Then they say "drop" and pour water on one of the players' heads. This player must now stand up and sprint around the circle, attempting to capture 'It' before taking its position.

Water Relay

Separate the players into two groups. Place two buckets at a distance for each squad. One bucket should be full of water while the other is empty. Each squad should be given a huge sponge. Each side should have one player suck up as much water as the sponge can contain before running over to the empty bucket and squeezing the water in. Return the sponge to the first bucket and pass it to the next player. The winning team is the one with the most water in the second bucket.

Water Bucket Race

Each player should be given a bucket and a plastic cup. Set the buckets a little distance from the starting line. Place a bucket of water behind the players at this point. The players must fill the cup, dash across the field, and dump the water into their bucket. The winner is the player who has the most water at the end of the race.

Supplies For These Water Games For Kids

Fortunately, the most important resource in every enjoyable water game for kids is water. However, these water games for kids include a little bit more, but not much more! Here's a list of everything you'll need to play all of the games, whether you only want to play the water balloon games or all of them!

  • Water guns
  • Water balloons (get these ones that autofill, so amazing!)
  • Plastic buckets
  • Large sponges (these are perfect!)
  • Hose
  • Empty water bottles
  • The sprinkler of some sort
  • Plastic cups (that fit inside your bucket to fill up)
  • Dixie cups (or just use the same plastic cups)
  • Table
  • Tarp
  • Duct Tape
  • Volleyball Net
  • Beach Towels
  • Kiddie Pool
  • Plastic Diving Ring

Frequently Asked Questions

What games can we play with water?

  1. Slip ‘N Slide
  2. Water Balloon Toss
  3. Pass the Water
  4. Water Gun Tag
  5. Drip, Drip, Drop
  6. Water Relay
  7. Water Cup Race
  8. Liquid Limbo
  9. Water Pinata
  10. Water Obstacle Course

What are some fun games to play in the summer?

  1. Sprinkler Twister
  2. Backyard Bath
  3. Water Slide
  4. Volleyball
  5.  Water Bottle Flip
  6.  Magnetic Fishing
  7. Splash Out Game
  8. Giant Bubble Wands
  9.  Inflatable Sprinkler
  10. Water Balloon Fight


Children enjoy going to water parks, so putting together some fun water activities for them in your garden may be entertaining. They're a terrific method to keep kids occupied while battling the heat. You can simply set up the area with a few buckets, plastic bottles, water balloons, a tarp cloth, an inflatable kid's pool, and hose pipes. Choose from the games on the list or make your own with some variations. However, make sure the children are playing in a safe environment and that an adult constantly supervises them.

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